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RE010 vs. A022

12 May 2000
Redmond, WA
I'll be replacing all 4 of my tires in the new few months and was wondering if anybody has experience with RE010 vs. A022 tires? My NSX came w/A022s as OEM and I've used them for over a year and half now. TireTech in FAQ (http://www.nsxprime.com/FAQ/TireWheel/tiretech.htm) states that "A022 were more confidence inspriring" and "feel more nimble & responsive" and favors the A022s.

I have a few options with one of them as going w/ Michelin Pilot Sports. I've used Pilot Sports on my previous M3 and they were fantastic! So, here are my options:
via TireRack, Pilot Sports cost (F/R:$224/$244), A022s cost ($199/$225), and RE010s cost ($169/$199).

1) stick w/ A022 OEMs and spend ~$900
2) change to RE010 and spend ~$800
3) change to Pilot Sports and spend ~$1000 and replace tires much less frequently
My suggestions:

1. Stick with one of the OEM tires in order to maintain that crisp handling feel. That's why you bought the NSX. It's worth a few extra bucks in tires.

2. If you haven't already done so, join the NSX Club of America. Then use the club member discount to get your tires from Discount Tire Direct. I think you'll find that they're significantly cheaper than the Tire Rack (and the difference might even be enough to more than pay for your club membership!).
Read the Bridgeston S-02 on NSX post and others about tires before making a decision about changing to a different tire to save $200. Comparing the way a particular tire felt on another car and how it will feel on an NSX is not practical.
If you are staying with the 15/16 or 16/17 wheel sizes you will do yourself a disservice to change form the OEM tires.