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Rear Cabin Window Intake

17 August 2004
Texas Flats
I had this piece of plexi installed for a custom stereo build. I have recently taken out the speakers and put them in my truck. If I built some pipe to connect the cabin and the throttle body, would I have the best cold air intake possible? After all, it is taking air out of the air conditioned cabin. Thoughts?


I say put your stock glass back on! i can't imagine anything looking decent from those 4 wholes to your intake. Are you going to have your AC blast on all the time? :confused:
It would block your view ou the rear window, it would make your cabin loud, it would be ugly, etc.....but don't listen to me. I'm the one who wondered what and NSX would look like without the rear glass :eek: :biggrin:
I do not know if you got this idea from Masarati, you know the one that cost more than the Enzo and probably more rare and expensive than it. Based on the recent road test I read, the senstion of the intake sucking right on top of your head is phenomenal... Well, it is a convertible and has the V12 in it though.

Regarding sucking out the cold A/C air out of cabin, I would say no, the Engine appetite could outgun your A/C system. Since there is no direct air flow inside the cockpit, it will not work better than any "cold air system" that had a direct air flow to it. JMHO.