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Rear window hatch rubber trim...

Probably wont happen. The OEM's are glued on. I replaced mine and yes, destroyed the old one getting it off. Sorry.
You can also try a bit of fine steel wool. It usually cleans it right up but leaves a matt look instead of gloss. Try that before you mask/paint. If you like it it'll save you some time.
I just did mine. Didn't replace it, what I did after hours of research was I used black shoe dye. Do your own due diligence, but from the research I did on every car forum I could find, it holds up for years. It also looks really good, it looks 100% stock. Not shiny or anything.

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Check the link to my build thread. I went to my local paint supplier but I have seen at local walmarts, similar materials I used to spray the trimmings. If your trimming is just faded or turning grey here click below and scroll down till you see the hatch trimming I did to my car.

Look for bumper trim paint.


Awesome! Mine is getting near the fading point where it is bothering me, and I was wondering how to fix it without breaking or ruining anything. Thanks!