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roar electronic pedal controller

30 January 2001
Anyone of our tinkerers ever consider trying to install one of these on DBW cars?
Having a 2000 DBW car, I don't think I would want a throttle that opens any faster than it already does if I have to drive the car in traffic. With the moderately narrow engagement band on the OEM clutch a fast opening throttle could make for some really jerky zoom - lurch - zoom - lurch in slow moving traffic. Could be absolute hell if you had a performance clutch with a really narrow engagement point.

The throttle blip thing looks interesting. They offer set up instructions for the S 2000 and presuming that the DBW arrangement is similar to the NSX it might work. It looks like it just injects a voltage on the 'sense' line on the throttle position switch to initiate the 'blip'. If you didn't want the little box and were happy to do the adjustments from a laptop using a USB port you might be able to implement the control using a single board controller for about $30 - $40.

I dislike the Sprint Booster / Roar things because they appear to intercept the throttle position signal and feed a new signal to the ECU. I am not keen about putting aftermarket stuff in series in mission critical applications. The throttle blip looks more innocuous. It does not appear to intercept the position signal so if it fails you just lose the blip signal - unless it fails in short circuit mode in which case your throttle would be dead.

The Roar guys lost my confidence when they listed
✔️ Improve combustion efficiency, reduce engine carbon deposits
as a benefit of the pedal controller. As if!
always appreciate your experience!
FWIW, the NA2 NSX-R used an OEM version of this concept- the throttle opening curve was made steeper so that the throttle came on quicker than in the standard NA2 NSX.