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Rob - Speed Oracle saves the day!

4 September 2007
To my dismay, the previous owner allowed inexperienced hands to do the previous clutch job...The result was many overtightened bolts, and a few stripped bolts on key engine mounting points:eek: . The rear engine mount was shockingly held on only by the bolt thru the bushing. The three attached to the tranny were all stripped. Two had to be retapped using helicoils.

Rob at Speed Oracle precisely rethreaded the holes on the tranny case and my loose engine mount was remounted tightly. This was a major concern for me, and a big thanks to Rob for his expertise/work repairing it. Great guy, and trustful hands for your NSX.
Hey Steve

thanks for bring your nsx by, im a big fan of your white pearl widebody.

it was a pleasure to have such unique car in my shop. lol the guys in the other shops could not stop Ooogling your nsx. pm me your email and i'll send the pictures we took.

definitly nice to have those 2 loose engine mount bolts fixed.

I look foward to working with you for years to come.

thanks for your support,

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