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RS-R Ran Up Oil Additive

29 January 2011

So I tried this stuff today, after reading about it on MotoIQ and Import Tuner with positive results. I am skeptical and intrigued and bored, which is why I tried it.

got dyno'd before and after... the results showed gains of around 1-2whp throughout the whole powerband when comparing the median run of each group. additionally, the engine revved up faster. their dyno records on intervals of time and in the 12 seconds, the rpms were ultimately higher after adding this to the car.

anyways, i hopped in the car and took it for a spin... immediately it seemed quieter and smoother at idle, but the quick drive wasn't enough for me to notice a difference in feel. on the drive home, however, i could feel how much smoother and more responsive it was. the engine was more eager to rev. so, it definitely did something... we shall see how it is after more use... for now, i like it!


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Any updates? I'm interested in picking up a bottle; my car has over 200k miles on it, so if this helps, then I'm all in.
I'll be very interested in how the additive performs in the long run. Thanks for posting.
I'll be very interested in how the additive performs in the long run. Thanks for posting.

Long run as in years of using it? Then you probably gotta wait a while longer haha. My dad's 02' Honda Odyssey has close to 5,000km with this thing and its still buttery smooth. We have been using Mobil 1 High Mileage 5w-30 since 75k miles and the engine never felt that smooth. It also helped with the rough idling issue by almost eliminating it completely. Same results for the DD 335i that I just recently did an oil change. Quite impressed :smile:
Long run as in years of using it?

LOL...that would be quite a wait. I think mileage would be the best variable.

My 3.6L has a rough/loud idle and I've been thinking out running this stuff for the performance advantages. The smoothing a rough idle would be an added benefit.
My NSX blew up! Kidding...

Shawn, it will help smooth out the vibrations but the improvement was incremental. I would caution to keep expectations realistic which you're a pretty rational guy anyway.

Sometimes smoothness, or lack thereof, is a function of other things like a flywheel.
agree on the incremental part. On my dad's van the smoothness and improvement especially in regards to smoothing out the idling didnt kick in until couple of hundreds on kilometres. Also, the "improvement" didn't actually feel very substantial when compared to my 335i. On my 335i, it was NOTICEABLE almost right away and got even better after a couple more days. Now that i am used to it, it just feels "normal". I am pretty sure when i change the oil next time and if i skip out the Ran-Up i could feel a bit of difference, but for now, everything seems like the norm.

On second note though too, somehow it made my shifting in my 6MT 335i seem smoother as well, didnt do much to the Odyssey. I highly doubt the cars are any faster or made any more HP, but for sure overall smoothness of the engine and rev'in is noticeable. Give it a try! But don't get your hopes up. It might or might not work for you and your car/engine.