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Saw New Toyota Supra Advertisment Hwy 101 San Francisco

9 August 2003
As I was driving to work today, I saw New Toyota Supra Advertisment on Hwy 101 in San Francisco (Near Downtown). It's the same body style as the one they last discontinued. It's said something like, Reinvention etc... If anybody know more info about this please post here, if they are really bringing it back out, that would be cool....
Toyota's website doesn't mention anything so I don't know...could it be an ad for a Supra tuner? I'm sure Toyota would update their site before marketing through bill-boards
everything ive read says their target is the 350Z and it's going to be normally aspirated and quite a different body style. if the 350z is to the 300zxtt what the new supra is to the mkiv tt, i'll pass very quickly, thanks.