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seafoam seafoam seafoam :biggrin:

it will bring the fire department everytime. :wink:

I have ran seafoam through a couple of my cars.

besides the cRaZY smoke screen you get, personally I have "noticed" better mpg and idle.

as Brian said above... efi engines do run very effectively however sometimes carbon does build up. If you consistently drive the nsx at lower rpm and never really get up in to the higher rpm echelons of bliss, you might have some carbon build up.

seafoam works on the same basis as water ( very small amounts ) in your engine + detergents.

very small amounts of water will generate steam in your combustion cylinders. this steam will over time work loose the carbon build up on the pistons and heads which has many benefits including returning the engine back to its original compression, removing heat spots caused by carbon build up, help lower the detonation thresh hold, increase fuel "octane", cleans out the exhaust manifold and exhaust system for less ex flow restrictions.

my problem with seafoam is distribution.

since the directions on the can to taken an vacuum tube such as the brake booster and "suck" in the fluid a little at a time. only 1-2 cylinders closes to where the hose comes in will get the fluid since the seafoam is not suspended in the air but rather in liquid form and flowing against the walls of the intake manifold.

it is imposable to get even distribution in to every cylinder.

Also if you try the seafoam treatment, only a little fluid can go into at a time.

If too much fluid gets suck in at a time, this can result in hydro lock, a condition where water displaces air in the cylinder and since water can not be compressed, all the force of the rotating engine is applied on the rod bearings resulting in a spun bearing.

I always had this remedy in mind where you get a handheld pressurized spray bottle. the ones where you pump up and then hold the trigger resulting in a consistent spray of fluids. you can get these for 5$ at Wal-Mart. Anyways, because the mist is much smaller and you can actually inject the fluid upstream in the intake tube before the air splits to individual intake runners, you will probably get a better distribution of fluids and the seafoam product will be more effective.

for all the trouble. I would pass. Instead I would take the NSX out for a spirited drive on the freeway and put to good use the awesomeness of the complete 8000 rpm rev range.

If any of you are interested in water injection, it is a very effective way to keep your engine clean from carbon and to increase octane of the fuel by slowing the flame front.

Warm regards


GO DRIVE YOUR CAR!!! It was designed to be rev-happy and far too many NSX owners never take their cars past 6K, as they are hesitant and scared it will hurt their motors.

If you aren't hitting 8K on a weekly basis (heck, some owners only drive their car once a week) then your car is sad. It should be done on a daily/minute basis:wink:
Ron98 = Rob not ron :biggrin:

meh, give it shot. it wont hurt.

make sure to do it right before an oil change. the seafoam will leak past your rings into the oil so change it out once the treatment is over.

Crap.. I JUST changed my oil! Next time I'm gonna give this a shot. Good info BTW.
I've used it a few times on my Lexus SC400. Though this isn't a very good way to measure something, it did feel like it made a difference. I really didn't notice anything about mileage. I did feel like it picked up a bit better. So the "butt dyno" says there is somewhat of an improvement.

you can add it to the crankcase, but don't run on it very long. Every time that I put seafoam to the engine oil, I'll drive it for the rest of the day, and change the oil the next day. It's doing something because my oil turns black.

I only run Synthetic through my cars (SC400 included) but man, that stuff comes out looking like conventional oil. So it's definitely cleaning something out ha ha.

238K and she's still ticking, no funny sounds or anything.