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Seat improvements

12 October 2023
Anyone else find the NC1 seats rather uncomfortable? Feels like the lumbar support is too prominent. I find myself readjusting and sitting forward to stretch my back quite a bit while driving. Both my Polestar 2 and 2010 G class have very comfortable seats that give me no problems at all. Trying to figure out what could be done to improve the feel of the NSX seats.
I have not spent more than an hour in the seats at one time, but they are fine for me. Body habitus and age may have more to do with comfort than the seat ergo.
I do notice that if I'm wearing a really puffy jacket I'm not bothered as much by it.
It was too prominent for me as well. The lumbar system has two air bladders (high and low, I think) and no matter how much fiddling I did, it was too puffy. I could never get both to deflate at the same time. Or stay that way.

I came up with the most redneck solution possible and split the bag in two (it is originally one plastic unti with two bladders), and then I removed the one entirely to behind the seat. (as shown). One is still in the seat and it's easy to adjust by itself. I didn't puncture either bladder, just separated them.

I'm fully aware of how horrible it looks, but you can't see it when the seat is in the driving position, and I'm much happier. Please don't tell anyone though. I'm kind of embarrased. Ha.

That's hillbilly genius right there. I may very well do something similar. It's like it re-inflates after I've fully deflated it and sent it to the lowest position. That or have padding added to the upper area of the seat.
Lol , DIY bladder delete...there is an older guy joke in there...
My 23-year-old son and I bought and picked up our 2019 NSX in Phoenix a few weeks ago. Then we drove the five hours to Vegas to see U2 in The Sphere. We woke up the next morning and drove 22 hours straight to our home in Little Rock. It was an epic father / son trip, but it never occurred to me that the seats might not be comfortable. I would've been screwed if they had not been a good fit! Fortunately they fit me perfectly, and I felt as good when we got home as when we left. I'm not very seat-specific though. The same son and I drove straight from Little Rock to Niagara Falls a few years ago (17 hours) in a Ford Focus RS without stopping, and those buckets are notoriously uncomfortable, but didnt bother us a bit. My son is a great DJ with an old soul, but he doesnt like to drive, so I did all of the driving on both trips. After this last trip, I decided at age 60, maybe I should start splitting these long drives up in the future . . .