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Service record - dealership says NO copies allowed?


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26 October 2004
I did a search on the topic, but nothing similiar to this one.

Okay, after further investigation and calling previous owners, I found the dealership that had performed service to the car in the past. The service guy found 4 service records in their computer system. I asked if he could print out a copy of the service, and cut out the personal information. He said NO.

This sucks because he said the system is going to purge the records soon. I asked him if he could provide any proof that the car had it's service done at his dealership, and he just gave me his business car and wrote down the mileage of the service being performed.

Grrr....should I ask for the service manager? or it's just a waste of time as the manager is going to say the same thing?

I told him that I'm willing to pay for those history records...
When I was looking into purchasing my car back in 2001, the dealership said they would release the service records to me if they had the ok of the owner.

The service manager called the owner for me, got the ok, and had a copy of the records in my hands within an hour. Those records were really helpful and clinched the deal for me.

When I called 2 dealerships for records on my car w/i the past 3 months, one sent me 15 pp of records with no problem. The second dealership gave me a song and dance, which I found to be unbelievable. I called the owner of the dealership directly and got the records that way. If the issue is privacy protection for the previous owner, ask them to white out names/addresses on the service records. Quite frankly, I think that refusing to release service records is petty bs and an insult to potential owners. For a high-priced, exotic car, previous service records are very important and, if a dealer doesn't understand that, go somewhere else for service.
The dealership had to call the previous owner of the car before they made copies of the records for me.