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Show your 1st pictures of your NSX


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1 August 2008
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I was looking through some old photos and recalled the very first ever photos I took of the car. This was in Sept 2007. I must have been on the previous owner's driveway for nearly an hour prepping her for the 6hr drive her home.

After already looking at several NSXs that summer I wasn't very confident I'd find one I liked. Found this one in Sacramento but I cannot remember from which publication. After swapping a few emails and phone calls with the previous owner (hi, Greg!), whom I later found out has been on nsxprime, I decided to fly up, made some weak attempt at negotiating, but we both knew I was going to take the car home.

I was so happy and elated the entire drive home. I didn't even care about the hideous blue tape. I couldn't believe I was driving an NSX. I remember 2yrs earlier at the 2005 LA Auto Show.. Acura had an Imola on display.. I kept thinking.. who in the right mind would buy such an expensive, underpowered sports car new from the dealer. Little did I know at the time that the used market for NA1s reflected the same sentiment. Keep in mind this was before the 2008-2009 market crash. I sold my AP1 S2000 because it was too small and started shopping for an NSX. At the time you couldn't buy a mid-engine, aluminum chassis, "supercar" anywhere close to the prices these were selling at. Seemed like a huge bargain no one paid attention to.

I remember those SSR Competition wheels, only available thru Tirerack IIRC. They were rebadged SSR Type C's with a polished lip. I also remember the janky navigation unit I was using. It was a Tom Tom knockoff and crashed often. I also remember dumb things like being so paranoid about following big trucks for fear of rock debris and my visit to Carl's Jr worrying about trying to find the farthest parking spot but also making sure it was in my sights the entire time. I also remember hitting triple digit speeds (in Mexico lol) and realizing I totally made the right purchase. Oh, the things you remember....................

The market continued to drop thru 08-09 but that seemed to be the bottom price wise. I've owned 2 NSXs since but this one has managed to stay.


Wow, looking at these old pictures sure bring back a lot of memories.

Brought my '95 home in the evening of August 11, 2008. This picture was taken the following weekend after cleaning her. Repairing the saggy Wings West side skirts and removing the fog lights were the first thing I ever did to the car. Next I replaced the Wings West front spoiler with an OEM '97+ lip shortly after.



Then I purchased my second NSX almost exactly one year later. This '91 was handed over to my friend a month or two later who took the first shots of the car.


Strangely enough I don't think I ever took pictures of the two cars together.
I'm impressed it only took an hour to lay all that tape on your car! I bought my 03 in the fall of 2010 from a good friend that imported the car from Florida a few years before. I told him when he bought it that I wanted first shot if he ever decided to sell it. He found he wasn't driving driving it a whole lot, and was having back issues getting in and out. Went to look at it, never drove it, asked how much and we had a deal. He had an ideal place to leave it for the winter, so I didn't pick it up till the salt was off the road in the spring.

That was one long winter, but it was worth the wait. My drive was only three hours back home, and there was plenty of triple digit speeds happening. Fortunately I took a friend with, along with the trusty detector, and not my wife! Probably had a permanent stupid grin the whole drive. I doubt I'll ever forget that feeling. In over ten years I've managed to add only 10K to the 9K that was on it when I picked it up.

My fun summer driving does get divided up between the NSX and my first year S2000, and our driving season is not very long. Plus there are plenty of wet days in the summer when the cars remain in the garage. Like RYU, these cars are rarely out of my sight when they are away from home. As others have mentioned on Prime, it's always an occasion when I do have a chance to go for a drive, compared to folks that are able to drive whenever they want. At least that is what I keep telling myself!
nsx article 011.jpg

that is the oldest pics I have on my puter right now...
Scanned Picture 3.jpg
nsx article 004.jpg
11/7/2015. This is the first picture I ever took of my NSX. I had just picked it up from the Acura dealer in New Jersey and was about to drive it home to Cleveland. I’ve racked up 27000 miles since then.
Christmas present 2005
Flew to Houston, spent the evening walking around the car and talking to its one-owner from new, Apollo 7 astronaut Col. Walt Cunningham USMC...and then drove non-stop 1,200 miles to Greesnboro, NC
NSX w bow.JPG
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Hey Docjohn. That looks like the Carlisle Fairgrounds? My wife's parents lived directly behind those bleachers. My father in law volunteered with the fire department, parking folks at the various events and we'd get free entry passes provided for the adjoining neighborhood folks.

Photo was the day we picked Leslie up from the dealership in MD December 2016. Good times.


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Good eye.....made the Carlisle trip a few times back in the day....
Great idea for a thread. I think it was 2004 when I flew to Florida, purchased a 1995 Brooklands Green and drove her all the way back to Kansas. What a memory. Here are some pics from when I arrived back home. One with my sweet daughter (15-yrs old at the time). As you can tell, it was a sunny day. :)


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First pic I took of my car the day I bought it, which I just realized is exactly 1 year ago from today. In a hotel parking lot in Houston, TX to spend the night before driving to Atlanta, GA the next day. Of course I couldn't walk away without looking back a few times to convince myself it was real.

Exterior wise it's hard to see much difference between then and now, but there's already been several hundred hours of work put in last year with just as much planned for this one with more focus on the appearance :).
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My '05 in May 2010 after arriving home from picking it up in Virginia:


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Sales guy’s first sale. Car sat in the showroom for close to 2 years. I was able to make a great deal and he became the hero of the sales team.
A friend got his RX-7 the same week I got my NSX. We didn't know they were both red and had SSR's until we met up.


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Miner, I hear you. This photo of my first NSX (1992 Formula Red w/ factory bra!) was taken in December 1999 on Kodak Advantix? APS (film) camera from Service Merchandise. :biggrin:
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How my white 1997 looked when I bought it

How it looked when I sold it


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