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Show your 1st pictures of your NSX

My first love... 1995 Midnight Pearl in 2002 (still miss it so much).


My second love... 1991 Sebring Silver in 2005 (also miss it so much).


Miner, I hear you. This photo of my first NSX (1992 Formula Red w/ factory bra!) was taken in December 1999 on Kodak Advantix? APS (film) camera from Service Merchandise. :biggrin:

I got one of those for my dad. He loved it; and most importantly never left the lens cap on like he did with his older Yashica camera! I think we still have the camera somewhere.


From Jan 2002, mild winter back then. I bought it a few months before and was very proud of it. Canon AE-1 Program.
Pretty stock except Remus exhaust and Axia wheels (which tend to break on the rear).
nsxprime is guilty of modding her but didn't regret it though. :D
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Straight from the truck to the garage. Never felt warmer in March than it did that day.


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I took my first 35mm photo of my NSX using my SLR the morning after I drove her home from the dealership. I woke up on March 17, 2000 uncertain if I had dreamt that I now owned my dream car, so I'm pretty sure I brought the camera to obtain photo evidence and verify my NSX actually was in my garage. Plus, I wanted to make sure I got a picture of her before I drove her to work...

If I'm not mistaken, I took this photo on the very next day (which would have been the first Saturday, since I drove her home on a Thursday night). The NSX replaced the Celica as my daily driver (sold the Celica a week later if I recall)...the Civic was my wife's daily, but became my daily when she bought a Lexus in 2001.

Here's my most recent DSLR pic (from the end of last month). As you can see, she's changed a LOT over the years LOL
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Bought from garage and trailered to my garage.


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wow how did you get access to the hallowed "Brick yard".......

Lol googled my screen name and found my first NSX right around the day I got her in 2005.... 15 years and 2 Nsx’s later here we are
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Got mine last year in 2020, it's a 1992, childhood dream car and finally fulfilled the dream.. :smile:


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Not sure why these new accounts are bringing up all these older posts but I'm here for it. :biggrin:

Just picked up in Oakland, CA and drove it back to my friends place (hes in the pic), then about 30m later set out for my drive back to WI.


Had just driven it home.