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Silver NSX Spotted - Scarborough Area

11 March 2007
Guys when I was in Toronto the past 2 weeks I noticed (twice) a Silver NA1 driving around the Scarborough Bluffs Area Hill Crescent Rd....wondered if it was anyone here on Prime.

Nice car regardless as I've never seen a Silver with the black roof in person.:biggrin:
Cool...I wondered as there was a Silver NA1 for sale here on Prime so I wondered if that was the car.

My Future in-laws live in that area and your NSX passed the front of the house twice when I was outside.

Very nice shape indeed.
I met a guy from New Jersey who is also an original owner of a '91. His car was red/black. This car has never been listed for sale before but like anything I would consider a good offer over $40K. How are enjoying Dubai? Is your car there with you? I was there a couple of years ago and stayed at the Burj.
Dubai is great! You've seen it a few years back and its relatively the same but with more cranes and construction of course. I've lived here for 3 years since leaving Edmonton and its been worthwhile career wise. I was lucky and landed a great position on the Palm Jumeirah and now work on The World project.

My financee and I are planning on leaving here in 2 years to come back to Canada and it will be Toronto. The NSX will arrive September 9th so I'm excited!
For sure! What's the average speed and distance covered?

My wedding will be October 4th next year north of Toronto so perhaps I'll be bringing my bike with me...what do you say?

Three different distance choices.

80k, 90k and 110ishk, with slight variations of each as some parts of the group may take a different road back, etc... Longest one has some pukey hills.

Its fast. Mid to high 40s on the way out, which is a gradual ascent. High 50s/low 60s way back. Pro riders (Tour guys, Olympic cyclists) come out when they're in town.
Just be careful - when Dave say's "lets ride" make sure you BOTH think that means on bikes!:rolleyes: