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Six speed conversion with CT 4.55 R&P

29 February 2000
St. Petersburg
Just picked up my '94 today after the install of a six speed tranny fit with 4.55's and a CT single-disc competition clutch. For reference, my car has the standard HP mods: CT headers, exhaust and carbon fiber intake with a Dinan stage III chip. Car dynos 268hp to the rear wheels. Before the new mods, I was really happy with my car's performance with the exception of the 1-2 shift where I could eat a sandwich while waiting for my powerband to kick back in. After considering jazzing up my 5 speed with Japanese gears and 4.55R&P, I decided to go with the 6 speed. My main reason for doing so was the better acceleration above 100mph and highway cruising rpms...not to mention finding a good deal on the new parts. My stock setup saw me taching 4,000rpms in fifth gear at 90mph. With the new setup I am turning 4,150rpms at 90mph...hardly a noticable difference. Where you do notice a change is everywhere before sixth gear. In a word...DAMN! I am taking it easy on the new clutch per the advice of my mechanic...but let me tell you this: First gear, 5,000rpms...stand on it and pull up through the gears = F1 car experience. You are always in VTEC and the tach is screaming to redline so fast the shifts come like lightning. This makes the car sound awesome pulling through the gears. The car is much faster...and that's with me babying the clutch. I can't wait for it to be broken in!
I passed a new Camaro SS while approaching the on-ramp to the interstate this afternoon. The car had modified exhaust and sounded like a healthy V-8 should. He jumped behind me onto the on-ramp...we were doing about 50. I decided to play with him and put my foot down in third gear. By the time I was onto the interstate he was SEVERAL car lengths behind. So far, in fact, that he didn't want to try me again once we were rolling down the interstate. The clutch feels awesome. Letting it out in first gear is a brand new experience for me now. The car literally leaps off the line. I have yet to really get on it out of the hole but can already tell that the launch will be alot stronger than before. There is no gear noise whatsoever...rolling down the interstate today for close to 300 miles the car seemed identical to before. The fun part is dropping it into fifth as a passing gear at 80mph or so...feeling the car come to life and pull like crazy. This upgrade was worth every penny. My car is transformed!
Hmmm - from what I've heard, the upgrade to the six speed is not worth the money. You must have gotten a good deal.

I'm a little leary of upgrading to the short gears because I don't want to get the "illusion" of more speed and it seems like whatever you gain in the 0-60 you lose in the 60 - 100.

Of course, the six speed fixes all of this but at a significant cost.
Congrats on your new clutch/tranny upgrade. If I can find on thing to bitch about with the pre-97 NSX, I would have to say the tranny is it. I can't put into words how I feel about the stock 5-spd tranny. It's poor gear choices and boring R&P ratio keep this car out of the 'fun zone' too much IMO. I would do the upgrade in a second if the spare funds were avaiable. Congrats again!!!
I'm not sure of the cost on a used six speed tranny. I know they are hard to find...been there done that. I did manage to negotiate a great deal on a brand new tranny from Steve at Miami Acura. Cost to me was $3,700 plus the conversion kit from Comptech, around $550-$600. You'll need to use a single-disc clutch with the six speed so factor in the cost of a new clutch. It just so happened that my clutch was nearing the end of it's usable life so that wasn't a big deal for me.
The 2000 6 speed also has better second gear syncros.. the whole gearbox feels smoother and not as notchy.

$2000 cheaper?? what were the old prices for 97-99 6sp?

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But if you change the gears on 5sp tranny to high gears I thing it will be like 6sp tranny but the top speed will be lower.

Are 1 to 5 same on 5sp high gears tranny as 6sp tranny ? Or is 6sp tranny gears are higher then upgraded 5sp tranny ?

This info is listed in the FAQ section.

Originally posted by winreboot:
But if you change the gears on 5sp tranny to high gears I thing it will be like 6sp tranny but the top speed will be lower.

Are 1 to 5 same on 5sp high gears tranny as 6sp tranny ? Or is 6sp tranny gears are higher then upgraded 5sp tranny ?

One of the advantages of the six speed over the "souped up" five speed boxes is acceleration above 100mph. The stock five speed box actually outperforms the japanese geared five speed box after you hit 100mph. The six speed gives you the close ratio pull of the japanese five speed off the line as well as the better high end acceleration and highway cruising of the stock five speed. Often referred to as the "Best of both worlds". This combined with the 4.55 ring and pinion makes for a great gearing package. Add one 2000 Jaguar XKR <370hp supercharged V-8> to the list of victims since my last post!
Definitely looking forward to seeing you and your '91 this next weekend. As you know, I've already had my TCS kick on during the 2-3 shift at around 70mph and that's naturally aspirated. It'll be incredible with additional power added to the mix! I can't wait to hear how you like your six speed once the install is complete Monday.
My cost for the conversion was as follows: New six speed tranny from Steve @ Miami Acura $3,700, 4.55 Comptech ring and pinion $1,700, Comptech single disc competition clutch $1,700, Comptech six speed conversion kit $540, four quarts of Red Line MT90 $34. Labor was provided by Mike Alcalde of MCA Performance in Miami at a fantastic rate of $750...Mike is an Acura mechanic and is NSX certified. He works on some of our club cars in a side business he's recently opened.

Thanks for replying to AK's question.

AK, My 6spd tranny, CT 4.55's, CT Lockout kit, and CT Competition Clutch, was purchased at the same time with TAMPABAYNSX-R. We got a nice deal because we ordered more than one at the same time. If your interested, you can call Steve Hoppe at Miami Acura (305)232-1400 and see what kind of deal he'll give you. I'm sure he will take care of you as long as your an NSXCA Member. It might not be the exact same price we paid (for purchasing two at same time) but it will definately be attractive. GOOD LUCK.
I had the opportunity to drive ZABADNSX this weekend, and all I can say is 'Holy Shit Batman'!!!!!! That 6-spd, 4:55 R&P and lightweight flywheel is worth every damn penny!! The car felt very light. The engine spun up quicker in third then mine (stock 5-spd) does in first. The only way I could match the acceleration was by turning on the NOS. The pre-97 cars desperately need this upgrade to make them feel alive IMO. I kept wanting to 'punch it' and feel the revs in each gear. This combination is a serious ticket magnet!

I've always complained about my car. How it accelerates like a 3 legged gerbil with its tail on fire when the NOS is not turned on. How I could smack the Honda engineers (or ???) for putting a crappy 5-spd tranny in all US bound cars. How the car did not accelerate as well as a spaceship should.

I know that some (pre-97) list members are quite happy with the way their cars perform, but a 5 minute test ride is this car will have you kicking your car all the way home. My car felt lifeless on the trip home as I tried to figure out what I could sell to raise the needed cash for this swap. sniff, sniff

This mod is not for everyone (very expensive) I understand, but for those that are looking to make their cars leap out in front of the competition, this is one mod worth looking into. This conversion has restored my faith in my car. I know that someday it will run like ZABADNSX and TampaBayNSX-R's cars. (Sorry for the run-ons but I am rushing here between meetings)

No flames please, unless it's to relight my gerbil's ass!.

Thanks for the nice remarks you made about my car. This is the way the car should have been built from the get go. I'm not saying that I didn't like it before I started doing all of my mod's, but heck, I'll never go back to a 5spd with a 4.06 R&P for sure, and as you know now, their really is'nt that much difference between a Pre-97 NSX that has all the boltons plus the 6spd, 4.55's and CT competition clutch, than one like yours (94)that has a 75hp NOS kit and an Intake, otherwise all stock.

Shit, Imagine my car or Tampabaynsx-r's, with a 70hp shot, or Supercharger.

Unfortunately, There is no more money to spend on my Black Beast. So the SC or NOS will have to wait :-( .
Question for TampaBayNSX-R:

What was your gas mileage range before and after changing to the 6-speed tranny?

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlaptya SP9000s
Question for ZABADNSX: What were your gas mileage figures before and after adding the 6 speed tranny?

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlaptya SP9000s

Black Beast? Have you wiretapped my telephone? I thought my label was unique! I suspect when you drive your newly mod'ed NSX, you'll need a new name. How 'bout "Black Monster." Then, the Nevada Black Beast will think he's special once again. (He's quite sensitive.)

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Having had an opportunity to drive behind ZABADNSX, my stock 6 speed felt like a whimp. A beast indeed.

Once I get ready to start doing mods the CT kit will probably be my first one.
I rode with TampaBayNSX-R at NSXPO. He has a really great setup and the car pulls *very* strongly.
A couple of months agao, while visiting Comptech in El Dorado Hills, I was given a ride in the Green Comptech NSX. The 91 NSX has the 4.55's in the rear, 6-speed box, SC and the Brembo brake kit (this car has everything offered by Comptech.) Needless to say, it was a ride that will not be forgotten.

It was hard to tell what made the car so fast other than to say...unreal. Braking was superb!

I look forward to adding the 4.55 rear end and clutch. Maybe someday the SC and brake kit.

97 Red/Blk
Prior to the conversion, my mileage averaged around 17. I can't say that I've noticed any appreciable difference since the six speed and 4.55's were installed. At 90mph cruise there is only a 150rpm increase.

Had a great time taking you down SR400 at NSXPO...glad you enjoyed!
after reading the reviews on these mods, i'm itching for some more pull!! is there anyone in the south florida area interested in going in on a couple of sets to get the discount? if so, i think our nsx's (and owners too)will like their x-mas presents!