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So my apartment is in Galveston... question on rent and other related things

24 January 2002
Republic of Texas
I'm currently in Austin.

My apartment is on the second floor, but it seems likely that the the flood would flood all the way to second floor. Even if it doesn't, I'd imagine there will be possible mold...etc damage?

So how does rental contract work in these situations?
Please provide more info.
Are you the Landlord? Are you asking who is responsible for the damage?
Please provide more info.
Are you the Landlord? Are you asking who is responsible for the damage?

I'm a renter not the landlord... I'm wondering how things are suppose to work if the apartment I live in become uninhabitable due to flood.

I know the stuff I have inside of my apartment, tv, electronics...etc, will most likely be lost if damaged by flood, but how about the integrity of the structure both inside and out?
It will likely be a long time before you'll get back in them if at all. If you have renters ins. your posessions are covered. Good luck. I'm in Bmt and it's getting really bad at the moment. My prayers go out to Galveston.
All leases are drafted differently. In a catastrophic situation, the landlord usually does not have to rebuild or remediate the problem (FL law).And as a renter you are also not obligated to the lease. Your renters ins. should cover all of your personal possessions. The only way you would know if Mold exist is to hire an inspector. This means $$$.
I would examine the lease carefully, bring this mold issue up to the Landlord, and hopefully something can be worked out.
The key is to communicate and have everything in writing.

If this becomes a major issue, you will probably be fine if you wish to end your lease. Just make sure that you document as much as possible.

I hope this is clear. If not, please ask more.
im currently in baytown right now stationed at san jacinto methodist hospital. making money :biggrin: .............let me tell you its stupid crazy out there strong as winds and a dudoo load of water

anyways good look with everything. hopefully my nsx doesnt flood... i have it on some 6x6 block at my house
If memory serves me the average renters ins policy covers up to 16-17k.Your lease should have some verbage about weather related damage.I'm sure there are state laws as to what remedy a renter has should the structure be deemed unsafe.
For the price of renter ins someone would have to be nuts not to have it. The landlord is almost always responsible for nothing if there is damage to a structure. When we have a problem that keeps us from renting the property the insurance company pays us for the property being vacant until the repairs are made. Those funds are never paid to the tenant.