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So what about the rumored Baby NSX?

Nice job N Spec! I also wanted to bring the patent drawings to life but didn't have the skills to do it. You came very close to the drawings with the exception that it doesn't look as elongated as the patents would show. I think the black bottom trim surrounding the car adds even more to the illusion of making it slender, which you seemed to color match to the rest of the body panels. Lastly, (and this is open to interpretation) the rear section under the taillights doesn't appear to be part of the housing, but actually the glass material like the S660.


All in all, solid work and thanks for sharing. :biggrin:

Thanks. I wasn't going for sheer accuracy as the legitimate production or concept debut will probably deviate great from the drawings anyways as it's very conceptual and not practical in terms of engineering/function. The car I modeled is actually ~slightly longer than the drawings. The tapered from end and rear end makes it look shorter/stubbly in closer angles just like how the new NSX has the same illusion even though it's actually a very long car, longer than the Aventador.
I want it.