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SRS light

2 July 2000
Raleigh, NC
Hey guys, have any of you had any experience with the SRS light coming on? The light is staying on continously. I have a good friend who is an Acura tech that does all the work on my car (on the side)
and apperantly the NSX takes a special tool to read the code that the SRS light is putting out. Anyone have any help/info on what the cause of this may be. My car is a 91 with 68k. I will double check the faq to see if there is anything there. Thanks for any help.

Hey Ken, I was looking through some of my old posts and ran across this one. The SRS light turned out to be a blown fuse. Stupid me didn't think to check that first before we went through all the SRS codes. Oh well atleast it was an easy fix.

I have not experienced the SRS light anomally since those hot summer days with the windows up while parked outside for 8 hours. Hope your fix is as long lasting.

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