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Stainless coolant reservoir leak - are rubber grommets available?

21 August 2017
Spring, TX
Can someone help me identify the brand of this coolant reservoir or tell me where I can find the rubber grommets that hold the fluid indicator tube? I have a leak there.


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Ive seen a similar Coolant tank on Amazon of all places. looks like the same unit as the one linked above, ive been waiting to see if the tubular style that dali used to make and sell will be re-manufactured in another thread.
I believe that to be an ScienceOfSpeed.com unit, but they don't seem to sell them anymore.

But this is the same

The 90-deg rubber elbows are a common part, do you know the interior diameter.

If you don't need the sight glass, you can use rubber (vacuum) caps that are available at hardware stores, or even a rubber hose.

just a warning for anyone clicking that, my antivirus blocked that page for a malicious script
I contacted Rev9 and asked about these fittings. They sent me this link to some fittings on Amazon that I am assuming is what they use. The description states a 'maximum working temp' of 140 F. I actually can't find any of these push-to-connect fittings anywhere rated for higher temps. I thought coolant got to 200 + F. Since these are on the exterior of the reservoir though, would they be ok to use for this application?https://www.amazon.com/CEKER-Connect-Fittings-Connectors-Pneumatic/dp/B07W6PW9V3/?th=1


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