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Starter problem?

11 March 2010
I can't get my Nsx to turn over while starting it? I got a new battery so it has plenty of power....starter alternator or fuel pump?? Suggestions??
What do you mean by "turn over"?
Is the starter not cranking the engine at all
does it crank but the engine doesn't start?

What actually happens determines where to start troubleshooting.

But try one simple thing as well as answering the above quesitons and report back-
Turn on the headlights. Do they stay fairly bright when you turn the key to the start position?
It cranks but won't start...

Based in this the starter is fine. You should check fuel pressure(mostly a bad main relay would cause low/no pressure) or for $60 buy a main relay and give it a try if you do not have the means of checking the fuel pressure.

Welcome newbie. Do a search on "main relay" and get ready to read for a while. When you turn the key to "on" you should hear your fuel pump hum behind your right ear for a couple of seconds. If not, hit the plastic cover behind and between the seats about shoulder high briskly several times and try again. Good Luck!
Had this issue yesterday and yes it left me stranded. Checked with the closest Acura dealership who quoted $120.00, but not in stock. Got up this morning and stopped at O'Reilly, Napa, and AutoZone, before finally finding a relay at Advanced Auto Parts. In each store's computer system it only shows 1 part of the main relay and not the entire circuit board. The young lady was persistent and finally looked under "relay misc assembly" and found 1 in stock for $68.00. Drove back to my stranded car...hoping it was still there...plugged it in and drove straight home. I was so thankful for the cashier's persistence, that I went back up there with a Monster drink, Kit Kat chocolate, and granola bars to give her. She said that I made her day, but I told her that relay was very important and that she made my day!
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