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Where to buy starter?

23 November 2021
Starter went out, anyone know where to buy a new one? I don’t care if it’s OEM or not, the part 31200PR7A01 for the 94 has been discontinued for a while. Thanks in advanced!
What is the symptom?

FYI: https://www.nsxprime.com/threads/denso-starter-motor-solenoid-repair-kit.189416/
Looks like this will work too:

Do not turn your existing starter in as a core: have it rebuilt, DO NOT lose control over it.
Starters are easily rebuilt, plenty of youtube to help you out. Or we can help you here too.

There is nothing special about the NSX starter, it is a Denso. And plenty of Denso components available from suppliers

Honda Parts are still available too
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How interesting never thought this was possible. I might have to go this route. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately I’m not sure if I am capable of rebuilding it but based on instructions it seems easy.