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STARZ GPS Data Logger/Lap Timer: LT-Q6000


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28 August 2000
Peoria, Arizona, USA
Thought I would pass this on to those that might be interested in a GPS Data Logger/Lap Timer.

I have been using this timer for 2 years and it's worked flawlessly. I have become friends the company and they have extended the opportunity to pass this along.

I will donate $10.00 to NSX Prime for each one sold off Prime.

The support from Qstarz is second to none. A dedicated bunch of guys that will help you with any issues you may have.

Some of the features include:

LT-Q6000 is an innovative and automatic Lap Timer based on GPS technology, which is the world’s first color display Lap timer device. It can record lap times, speed, position and acceleration, etc, and real-time compare the racing performance. LT-Q6000 fits all kinds of racing modes such as Drag Race, Circuit Race, Rally Race, or Performance test.

2.4” Color Display
Large 2.4” Color display to show and compare the racing data precisely and clearly. Real-time per split remind you are faster or slower than your best lap timing record by different color background. Green tells you are faster and Red means slower. This will be great for racers to adjust driving strategy in time

Diversified Racing type
Whether you are drag racing, circuit racing, single lap racing, rally racing or taking performance test, no doubt LT-Q6000 will be your best lap timer. Diversified Drag Race modes are selected by speed/distance no matter 1/4 mile 1/8, 0-100m or 1-400m,etc. Flexible Circuit Race is selected by Lap with splits or Simple Lap which racers can on-device compare multiple laps and splits. If they are not enough, don’t worry you can create your own type.

eXtreme 10Hz Log rate
LT-Q6000 supports 10Hz Log to calculate the position of your vehicle ten times per second which is highly accurate for extreme racing sports. With high-sensitivity GPS and AGPS assisted, Q6000 is a stand-alone device which is very powerful and easy-to-use without hassle setting up. It can be also functioned as Data logger to log your travel route by either 1, 5 or 10Hz.

Built-in G-sensor
Q6000 is built-in G-sensor to plot G-force distribution and function Auto Start trigger. Q6000 support various start trigger modes by G-sensor, 5-second timer, 3-second timer and push-and-go. Just easy and Go!

2GB Large memory
You will be No worry this device will be out of memory. Its history database is well organized as Calendar and table type for easily review.

Function Capability
• eXtreme 10Hz Log to record 10 times per second
• Real-time perform and display Lap Timing analysis
• 2.4” True color and wide display to illustrate racing data precisely
• Real time Lap/Spilt/Sector Comparison
• Multi-Function Device – Lap Timer and GPS Logger
• Start-Run by Push-and-Go, Timer, or Auto Trigger
• Diversified Drag Race modes selected by speed/distance and kph/mph
• Flexible Circuit Race selected by Lap with splits or Simple Lap
• Performance Test On-the-Go
• 2GB Large memory capacity never worry full memory
• History database well organized as Calendar and table type for easily review
• Flexible Track Manager – On-Device created to User track, and QRacing Sync to Shared track
• G-force meter to plot G-force status
• Smart speedometer to show real-time speed information
• Device configurable such as unit, backlight, brightness, time zone, or time format
• Support On-Device Export to KML, CSV or GPX files

• Adopt MTK II chipset with high sensitivity -165dBm and 66-Channel tracking
• 2.4” (320x240) TFT Color display with 65K color
• Ultra lower power consumption up to 10hrs operation (under LCD backlight on)
• Log rate up to 10Hz excellent for High speed Racing (*1)
• Including 8 Function buttons – 4 Direction Buttons (Up/Down/Left/Right) / Back, Enter, Mulit-function, and Power Buttons
• 3 LED Indicators – Green for Screen Power Saving, Orange for Charging, and Red for Alert
• Built-in G-sensor for G-force measurement and Auto Start trigger
• Built-in 2GB large memory inside
• Device recognized as USB removable disk for data access with computer conveniently
• Raise beeper function to notice some status of device
• IPX-3 water resistance
• Less than 15-Sec. AGPS fix support to realize faster TTFF and positioning under warm start
• Mini-USB interface for charging, data download and firmware update
• Firmware upgradable
• Device Dimension (LxWxH): 100 x 59 x 28mm
• Device Weight: 107 grams (Mounting bracket excluded)


The Qstarz retails for $399.99, the special price is $360.00 and includes Pay Pal and Shipping in the US.

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Your on the list Regan :)
Interested too, does this had predictive lap times? I ready the quick breakdown on the site and couldn't tell.
Yes it does....it was just added in their latest firmware update.
(Which by the way is always free and continues to get better)
Tested it out and it also works perfectly.
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Brian and Will,
Will PM you guys in a little while. Going to turn the order in on Monday so we have time.
Taking the wife out for lunch right now :)
Be back soon.
Orders in and already a couple delivered.
$30.00 donation to NSX Prime made !
Thanks to Tony at Starz for making this possible as well !
Thanks guys !

Pity more of those selling products on Prime don't give something back on their sales.
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My pleasure Regan.
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Got mine yesterday. Very slick packaging and a very solid piece of hardware. Cant wait to get on track now even more
Good to hear Regan...!
My Pleasure...

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Very cool Will !

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That was quick Brian...Very cool !
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