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Which is the best lap timer & on screen data video camera set up

15 September 2011
Melbourne, Australia
Need your help. I was looking at the AIM Solo GPS lap timer with ECU input and also want a compatible video camera with real time on screen data. I want the ability for anyone to analyse the video and data to improve my driving and lap times. Any suggestions on the best and most flexible set up and who to purchase from over there? I know I can buy the Smarty Cam but is there a more cost effective compatible camera? Thank you in advance. Tysama.
If you're looking for something cost effective and good enough for an amateur level there are a couple of apps you can use for a GPS enabled smart phone.

I can't remember what the app for android is called but the one for the iPhone is called Harry's Lap Timer. It's what I use.

Using an external camera the videos end up looking like this:
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/mZdkGznL7Vw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Realistically, you'll benefit loads more from spending that money that you have allocated towards a data acquisition system into more seat time (gas, fuel, tires)

Data Acquisition is really best for those drivers who are struggling for every last available tenth to shred from their lap time. Grab a GoPro and maybe a friend with a stopwatch (in a different run group)

Just my thoughts on the subject though.

Edit; for $20.00 that HLT app seems like it might be worth a go :tongue:
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Thanks guys, I am not new to race tracks so I am looking to improve by practising what is right not practising any bad habits I may have. I hope that makes sense to you. I would like to have on screen data that has throttle and brake bar graphs etc. so I can have better drivers/instructors critique my style.

I must say "I love this forum and the people on it" The fact that people take an interest and reply with advice is fantastic. My other problem is I am not that clever with technology so it would be better if I can buy a complete system. Cheers, Tysama.
From what I've seen, Harry's Lap Timer is what most guys are using. Simple, easy to use, and cheap.

Don't be afraid to use DA. Even if you don't better your lap times, it's fun to document what you're doing, and...really, sometimes it's just fun to tinker with your stuff. And that's reason enough.
Define best? best value? best features? most expensive? Traqmate is always the standard-de-facto but there are so many cheaper alternatives now with minimal compromise.

I've been pretty impressed with what I've seen come out of the AIM Solo units.
Looking for best value for money. (Bang for buck) I have been researching further and, like you itrsteve, I am still really impressed with the AIM Solo DL however this is normally linked to AIM's own Smarty Cam. With this set up the data is on screen in real time which is exactly what I want. Problem is, it seems the Go Pro Hd Hero 2 gives far superior picture quality. Any techno Primer's out there that know how to successfully link the Solo and Hero2? Thanks again, Tysama.
I have no idea about cost but the motec system I watched from a F-challange car was pretty slick.