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Strange Handling Issue

8 February 2012
Hi All,

Im new to the site. Hopefully I can have something to add as time goes on. For the moment though, I would like to pick your collective minds on a problem that I'm having.

I have recently acquired a 1991 NSX in Vancouver area (California car). Now that the weather is drying up Im getting a chance to really try it out and Im noticing a handling quirk that I just can't figure out; I'm hoping someone has an idea as to what it may be.

When I'm turning left or right around town everything seems OK. I can seriously push it and it just feels sure-footed like nothing I've ever experienced. THe problem occurs when I'm on hiway windies. The car mis-behaves only when seeping left on a long curves. It kindof "bucks" or "sways" to the right, almost like the steering let go for a moment. If I don't correct and try to hold a continuous line, the car will correct itself then oscillate outward and back. Its potentially dangerous as it doesnt alway occur the same way, seems to be an interrelationship between speed and the arc of the turn; I don't have to be pushing it either.

Its almost like a side gust of wind hits the car, in fact that's what I thought it was at first. Then I notice that it only ever happened when sweeping left. Wierd

I might add that I've had the alignment checked and nothing showe as a problem with respect to camber, castor or tow. I'm using good stock Bridgestone Potenzas on good OEM rims. Everything underneath looks good and there is no evidence of damage to the suspension of the body anywhere. Any ideas?

Cheers (and a good bottle of wine) to anyone who can point me in the right direction. Dan
Check all of your ball joints for excessive play.
Check the rear motor mount. It is the one that goes from the sub frame to the transmission that is directly in front of the muffler and slightly left of dead center when looking at it from the back.

Also check to make sure that all of the rear subframe bolts are tight.

I have seen symptoms like these before and usually it is not the alignment or ball joints.
A friend's car was behaving similar and it turn out to be a damaged or worn ball joint. Either way dealer replaced it and all was good.