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Supra & NSX Photoshoot

Wow, those are some gorgeous pictures. Very well taken. You already provided the highres pic of the NSX, any chance you can host the highres pics of both the front and rear shots of the supra? Email works too if you prefer: [email protected]

I own a supra, and despite the many pics I collect from supraforums it's rare to see such HQ shots of a "rare" color, anthracite. Heck I registered just to make this request :) Both cars look flawless.

thank you!
The Kid said:
I havent seen one of those colored Supra's in forever! What was it called? I never knew they made it in a factory turbo with that color. Most of the ones I say were auto's and NA:confused: Looks really good and probably doesnt have a good of a re-sale value like the silver, red, black, you see where Im going:wink:

Actually, that color is affectionately called "MSB" in the Supra world. (Monkey shit brown) Its official name is anthracite. Your are right about resale; it's poor.