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suspension problem


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19 August 2005
:confused: PLEASE HELP ok here is the problem my front driver side suspention seems to be lower then the rest of the car. I already changed the springs and shocks factory specs still have same problem does any1 have this problem or does any1 kno how to correct this problem THANKS
any and all response appreaciated :confused: :confused:
stock springs and stock shocks :frown: I wonder if i can put coilover to fix the problem but coilover waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooooooooo expensive :eek: :eek: :frown: :frown: :mad: :mad:
Bad driver side shock? Why not swap the passenger side shock to the driver side and see.
my friend put aftermarket suspension on his car so i used his spring and shocks combo of a 96nsx still same problem :confused:
hmmmmm.....has your car been in an accident before that coud've damaged front left suspension?
how much lower is the front driver side than other three?
did you had the same problem when you bought the car?
although coilover is pretty expansive, but it could be your only solution to solve the height problem now.
and assuming that the springs are in good condition and installation was done right, the left front side shoudn't be too low compare to other three, theres definitely something fishy about it, perhaps you should have a bodyshop or suspension specialist check on it.
Two questions.

Exact distance it is lower by?

How are you measuring it?

it is about lower about an inch, I am measureing it from the ground to fender wheel well, but the car drives like a champ no pulling to the side or swaying at all :confused: :confused:

Open up the service manual and review how to measure the ride height. If the car is actually off by 1" using the proper measuring points, then I suspect your car may have been...well you know, in a crash:(. If the ride height is correct based on the measurement location in the service manual, then I would suspect your car may have had a small "fender bender" at some point in its past life and the fender is actually slightly off.

Measuring fender lip height is not very accurate, especially if you may not know a given cars repair history. Since you said you have put in a different suspension off a "correct ride height car" I can only suspect one of the two things above. I did make the assumption the car is aligned properly. Is it aligned based on alignment measurements??

problem solved well at least I think so I used a spacer to between the spring and the shocks and problem solved for now at least. now will this affect the performance at all, or ride comfort, or saftey issues? This is only temporary until i can afford a coilover system thanks for all you guys opinions.