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Swiss Dyno Day 1.10.2005

15 May 2004
After the beautiful meeting today I'd like to anounce the next event on saturday the 1.10.2005. We've decided to get our engines measured at JH Keller AG in Zürich. See attachment. After the tests we will drive from Zürich to a place we've found best to drive to with a big parking space (via Zug to area Oberägeri/Schindellegi).
So tune in... :)
The following people are already on the list. Please copy the list and add your name. Please remark if you only like to attend but don't want to measure your engines power.

Name like to measure power
goldNSX yes
Micha yes
Mario yes
Veronika yes
Carlo yes
Erich yes
Michel yes
Marcel not sure
Hans B. not sure
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We had our fabulous Dyno Day today. Here are the pics (with comments :D)
We've been ten NSX's to measure their power by abusing our engines. :D (Gheba) One was there before 8:30 and measured his engine strait away. So there's no pic of it. Being measured too early we don't believe the power of 284.9 horsepowers (stock engine). :D But this was the best stock engine anyway. :)
The Bi-Turbo was a class of it's own. Incredible. I don't dare to put the numbers down here. :D Very fast. :)
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Looks like a Kinderspielplatz with cows as toys for small boys as we all are. :D
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Nice face-lifting (diffusor), maybe the US guys get some of these rare diffusor in carbon. :)
A former NSX owner bought a nice Ferrari, nice indeed, but he didn't like to measure it too. :D But it was nice too see this cool guy anyway. :D
Still on the Kinderspielplatz.
Nice Honda jacket! :) The owner stated that he bought it two years ago and never wore it. :)
As we canceled all details like numbers, the faces are canceled too. :D
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We made a trip about 100 km on the Raten (one t :)) over the Buchenegg, the Albis, to Baar.

What's wrong in picture no. 1? We found out that the guy programmed this navigation system the other way round and made the trip in the wrong direction. :D
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On the Raten. Rain!

We had a superb day even with the rain and enjoyed the measures at Keller's. I think we will do this again soon. :)
Sorry for the comments. :D
Nice pics!
Should have come over again... ;)

So, we getting the numbers vs mods ?

Ok, here they are: We've completed more than 2300 PS, not bad. :)
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I must admin that the JH Keller Dyno is quite conservative as it is the official dyno for the police of the Kanton Zürich I've heard.
Most of the NSX where stock. 50 % had a Remus I think. One has a Taitec header (mine). All engines are 3.0. The Bi-Turbo beats them all! :)
Hi Marcel,

it was highest time you joined this community! :)

We really had a superb day which made the bad wheater forget. :) Thanks to all who joined. We will do that next year for sure. :)