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Talk me out of a Mini Cooper S

26 September 2003

So I am definitely going to change my DD. I did a quick search on this car to find that the previous topics were irrelevant to me. Why? Because I am thnking of getting a 2008 version (turbo'd vs SC'd previous ones).

My criteria for this move includes the following:
1. need to be able to put a bike rack on it without making the car too ugly
2. definitely want better mpg than my current DD that gets 11mpg
3. fun to drive

I know I talked about switching to an FJ Cruiser before but wasn't that impressed with it.

Does anyone have any experience with the 07+ MCS?

I searched the Mini forums before coming over here to see but there wasn't too much going on over there and most of the owners were the SC'd version guys.

I just don't want to get this car and then end up dumping it in 5 months.
My biggest fear is that this car is just too feminine (normally I don't care what people think of my cars since I've owned many cars that the masses didn't like but I don't want this to be like a purchase of a scooter...and we all know how that line goes about riding a scooter).

Opinions welcome
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The Mini Cooper rocks. I say go for it. Just stay away from the Clubman model (which makes baby seals cry when they look at it).
I can't talk you out of it man. The Cooper was one of the cars I looked at but went the cheap route and got my Fit. I say go for it! I liked the fact that the Fit had more room. Its a slug when compared to the Cooper, but a slug with more room which works for me. If the Fit didn't exist, I might have gone the Mini route myself. :smile:
We just recently bought an '07 MC S with the John Cooper Works Kit (extra horsepower and handling package). It is a little screamer. We got it to tow behind our motorhome, but we end up driving it all the time. It is quick and handles well. Good gas mileage too. Get one. Ron
Other than relatively poor build quality I really like the Minis. Certainly fun to drive as a DD if you don't need a ton of room.
Matt I've been looking at those myself. I've been lurking in the Mini forums latey gathering info. I'm Impressed at the fuel mileage even on the S model. They have some impressive body kits for these. Problem is if I got one I could'nt leave it alone. They are everywhere here in Bmt.

Ok, look at it this way, you will definitely pick up more hot looking chicks with the Mini Cooper. Because they will want to go shopping with you because they will think you are gay and you can help pick out clothes.

With the M5, the chicks want to go shopping with you because you are gay, and they think you will help buy them clothes!

It's a win win situation. Or a loose loose. :biggrin: j/k

Seriously, how do you go from a new M5 DD to a Mini? :eek: Nevermind, I just filled up a tank this morning. :frown:

Now, my suggestion of a early stock NSX as DD still stands....

Gas Mileage- check
Reliability- check
Looks- check
Bikerack- check(can be done, search the forums, and looks super cool)
Insurance- check
Fun to drive- check x3
Comfortable- check (at OEM ride height)
Resale- check x2

Sensitivity Disclaimer:
This message is not meant to be offensive to Mini Coopers, Mini Cooper drivers, Mini Cooper fans, gays, ladies, M5's, and especially puppies. Just busting Matt’s chops.
Thanks Z for your comments.

I'm just tired of paying $800 a month on gas for my M5 and have been very reluctant to put a bike rack on it (which means I haven't been exercising)

Thanks for the comments. I just placed my order for a September delivery for a John Cooper Works edition in dark silver metallic.

As for build quality, I have read that it has gotten better since the SC'd versions.
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Btw Z, I don't buy cars to pick up girls.

If that was the case, I wouldn't own an NSX.
Btw Z, I don't buy cars to pick up girls.

If that was the case, I wouldn't own an NSX.

I know I know, gosh, we are such losers with our fancy cars and no ladies.... :redface: :biggrin:
my 2-pence...

This is JMHO...

I would personally acquire the redesigned '09 Honda Fit (and obviously turbo/SC it conservatively, but of-course; and this coming from an eternal non-FI guy) over any '08 Mini Cooper variant, unless I planned on modifying the Mini into a lil' track-enthusiast vehicle.

The interior styling/ergonomics/layout of the Mini nauseate me like nothing else. I'm talking hardcore projectile-vomiting. It's reminiscent of a 3rd world econo-taxi/motor-rickshaw. However, it's handling/track-prowess is the only redeeming factor; that much is undeniable.

In'fact, I'd even rather get an '09 VW Beetle as opposed to the Mini. For more oompha, there are numerous VW/Audi ECU-reprograms and bolt-ons, etc'.

Seriously, I'm more attracted & drawn to Suzuki hatches than Mini's. What an incredible marketing ploy by BMW to showcase such a niche` vehicle to the neo-nostalgic American masses for $10k+ more than it should be. Kudos, or shall I say wünderbar to the Bavarians! :cool:

Good choice. Beside MCS make for a great track car. BTW, did I mention that BMP(aftermarket for BMW and MC) have there headquaters in Tyler.:biggrin:
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Matt, FWIW I did drive an 08 VW GTI 2.0 turbo. Quite impressive power and excellent quality interior. Paddle shift gearbox was fun.