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The "new" new car.

26 April 2001
Columbus, Ohio
Sorry to create a topic of this, but I've been out of the loop for over a week now. For the past week I have been touring Japan and in that time I stumbled across a magazine with the next gen NSX on the cover. Unfortunately, I can't read a lick of kanji (sp?) so I figured I would wait until I saw it in an American mag. Big mistake. Now I can't even find it in any of the Japanese mags. I will try to find the mag again and this time I promise to purchase it. I will try to get the article to Lud along with a video tape of the Honda showroom in Tokyo. Right now they have ALL of the touring NSX's on display. Can't wait to get home and do some editing!
We've heard about it, seen photos, seen links to Honda's website.






I figured that I had not made myself clear. No, not the 2002 release. The 2004 version of the NSX. I wouldn't bother bringing this up if it was just a rehash of a car that I already own (a.k.a. the '02 model). Anyhow, I did find the magazine again and am back in the states. Tomorrow I will try to scan the article and get it to Lud.