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The Official 2024 F1 thread

Easy win for Max & 2nd for Perez - good race pace from Ferrari, with Carlos winning out on strategy over Charles, who improved a lot on his grid position. Mixed for the McLaren drivers - less bad for Lando than Oscar. Good pace from Alonso and a better finish for George than for Lewis, who stayed out on the hard tyre a couple of laps too long. A deserved point fot Yuki at his home race.
The opening lap crash was hard on Albon, who did nothing wrong but was taken out by Danny Ric only checking his left mirror when he was slower than the cars around him.
Poor race for Alpine yet again. Bottas had periods of good pace, his team mate Zhou again had bad luck. Nice overtakes from Stroll, but he lacked overall pace. Logan went well at times, but blotted his copybook right near the end.
Both Haas drivers weaved on the straights / moved twice before a corner to retain position again - the stewards need to get on top of this.
Interesting race except for first place.Lando did a great job,bad decision on softs for Fernando cost him 5th place.
After podium on sprint today was bad day for Lewis.
Max on another level again - are we sure that the two Red Bull cars are the same?…
Good pace by Lando making the 1 stop work better than Ferrari. Aston Martin made a poor strategy call for Alonso, solid if uninspiring performances by Mercedes. Unlucky for Bottas after his best performance of the year - likewise for Danny Ric. Magnusson needs to be properly punished for punting Yuki off the track - a 10 second penalty is not sufficient. A mini revival for Alpine, but still not good enough. Williams ran well until they didn’t - not sure what is going wrong there.
Nice touch for Zhou to be celebrated on the finishing straight - I think he will remain with Sauber when they transfer into Audi as team mate for Carlos… unless Carlos is tempted by a top tier team, in which case many drivers will shuffle around…
Stroll blaming everyone else but himself for a dufus move is Hollywood script rich kid perfect..
he looks marvalousssss
Nice to see McLaren in the Winner's Circle!!!
It's been awhile.
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Finally, a win for Lando. Max wasn’t happy all weekend and only had 2 good laps, so started on Pole but couldn’t pull much of a gap on the chasing cars. Perez nearly harpooned his team mate at turn 1 - that would have been an interesting post-race debrief! As it was, Max made a uncharacteristic mistake in the MickeyMouse chicane and took out a bollard, causing a VSC which was followed by a full fat safety car period when K-Mag’s red mist (yet again) descended on hapless local boy Logan.
Norris had the pace over everyone before the safety car, and after it pull away from Max easily. Did Max have floor damage after hitting the plastic bollard, or was he just not as quick as the McLarens?
Chuck Norris is a very popular win...That fiddly twisty bit in Miami is goofy..