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The Official 2024 F1 thread

The rain delivered an exciting race, even if the winner was as per usual.
Good result for the Brits, but they spent too long tripping over each other to challenge Max. Disaster for Ferrari - a double DNF. Early entertainment from the Haas drivers as their wet tyre choice worked well initially - I bet K Mag loved those opening laps, and for once he didn’t take anyone else out.
Overtake of the race was by Alex Albon, taking two cars in one corner.
Perez binned it and drove back to the pits with parts falling off and no hope of continuing - Red Bull will hopefully receive a big fine and a points deduction, as this was clearly done to avoid a red flag which Max would have been vulnerable from.
Sainz messed up and took Alex Albon out, just as he was about to score more points (again)…
Gasly and Ocon got spicy at the very end, with Alpine favouring the driver staying over the driver they are getting rid of.
Looks like Hammer Time is all but over. SkyF1 stated Hammy has been on a podium this year. Letting Russel pass him without a fight seemed odd. Alpine has No drivers signed to 2025. Gasley will be out of contract at the end of this year. The team is in a bit of shambles with little improvement coming their way. If you look at all the teams this year Only Red Bull has it together. Yes, I know McLaren looks good at the moment, but so did Ferrari a few weeks ago.
^ not sure you can say that Red Bull Racing has it together, when Perez is crashing so often in a car that should be second in the championship.

Does the fine come out of the cost cap - it should, rather than being paid by a multi, multi millionaire who is bankrolled by billionaires…
Perez is in his decline and will never finish 2nd like in 2023 (I hope I'm wrong). All F1 Teams have billion $$$ backing thanks to Liberty Media. I was't in favor of the cost cap but it seems ti be working. The Mercedes dominate years (like McLaren and Ferrari years) are over. 2026 will level things out and only the sharpest teams will be in front and the rest place-holders.