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Throttle Body cleaning procedure for OBD11 car?


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26 July 2010
Wildwood, MO
Hi, I've searched and searched to no avail. I keep reading about this mysterious article but can't seem to find it. I need to clean my throttle body and read that there is a special way to do this for OBD11 cars cars.

Spraying the inlet down and wiping it out isn't a big deal but I read that there is a extra step.

Can someone give me a quick run down?
It was in the NSXCA Mag "Driver" edition, think it came out around January 2012 and included write up's on many diy projects. [and it was partially a re-print from and earlier edition]. Larry B wrote the article on Throttle Body cleaning.

In it, he pointed out that the main objective was to clean the "Idle passage" by spraying cleaner into the right angle [metal side]. This hose was at least 1/2 inch. The article went on to guide you through cleaning
every hose inlet into the throttle body. i believe it also suggested a little shin-etsu when you put hoses and vaccum lines back on. Have a rag lightly stuffed in body to catch dripping spray. I followed article - 45 minutes.
I dont think obd 11 comes out for like another 100 years or so..