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Too late for me... Window problem

27 April 2001
Huntington, NY USA
I should have known better and I'm posting here for anyone else who has been putting off getting those 'window thingies' for Dali. My first '91 had both windows go bad. I paid $1000 to get them fixed, but this was before I became aware of NSX Prime, possibly the best and most helpful web page I've ever viewed. After crashing that car last year, I bought another '91, this had only 11k miles. I figured because it had such low miles on it and because the windows went up so well (on my first one, they started to go up very slowly before failing) that I didn't have to worry about it. WRONG. Last week, the passenger side window failed (I don't think I used that window more than a dozen times). I am in touch with Acura to see if they will help me out on this third window (will I be $1500 into these failed windows by late next week?). I did order a 'window thingie' for my drivers side window. It is too late for me, but not for you if your windows still work!
Hi Tom,

Did you purchase the sebring silver NSX from
Premier?... anyways.. an updated regulator costs $375 from hondacuraworld.com... I got the dealer to install it for $195.. on my driver's side.. same problem you experienced... my car only has 8900 miles... 91...
unfortunately I should have used my buddy's garage... he was an acura nsx certified tech and he would have only charged me $50... but in the end he charge me $120 to install the fix-it thingy in the passenger side, upgrade the struts for the hatchback, and install four sets of tire / rims...

Good luck...
No, I did want a silver car, but couldn't find one at the time with low miles. I just talked to Acura and the rep was terribly gracious. Before I even asked him for what I wanted, he said that Acura would cover the part for me. I felt that was fair, I'll cover the labor. I still have to get somebody to install the 'thingie' for me.
Hey Tom,

I live over in Dix Hills & just bought a '91 to be delivered next week. Where do you bring your car for service?