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Track Car Rentals and coaching in St. Louis


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17 March 2001
St. Louis, Mo.
I find myself with more cars than my brother and I can race, so we’re planning to make a couple of them available for local track events. We have a spare 2002 Spec Miata and a 1st-gen RX7. Both have been prepared to SCCA and NASA specs, so they can be rented for race weekends, test days, DE/track days, and SCCA PDX events. Our shop is just minutes from Gateway so we can offer exceptional rental and track-side support rates. We also keep spare DL-1 data loggers which can be used at no additional cost so you can compare your laps, turn-by-turn, to fast laps that we have recorded.

If you have never done a track day, this is your chance to drive on the track in a well prepared and sorted car without tearing up the one you own. If you already do track days or club racing but want to know why Spec Miata is the most popular class in racing, this is a great and affordable way to find out.

You can contact me from here via PM or email, or send an email to: SteveScheifler "at" specmiataclassifieds.com

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