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trade nsx for viper?

17 September 2001
leawood,ks 66211 usa
today i came across a 2000 viper r/t for 64k,thinking about getting it.has anyone on this forum owned one?what do you guys think,i love my nsx but miss tire smoking h.p. need help-can't decide!
I haven't owned a Viper, but I've driven a GTS. For ball-ripping tire screeching power, nothing beats the Viper for the money. Only drawback is the quality is crap, and you need a chiropractic adjustment after a few hours of driving it.

If you throw a Basch Boost on your NSX, I think you'll be good to go. Sure, you won't have the torque of the viper, but your car sure will be fast, reliable, and comfortable to drive.

I'd take the NSX over the viper any day.

David Allen
'00 Silverstone NSX-T
Comptech SC, Headers, Intake, Exhaust & a little Mark Basch tweakage
I'm getting a Basch Boost Supercharger next year. Vipers are really sharp looking, but NOT quality built like the NSX, IMO, and they don't handle as well. With the BBSC you'll certainly be able to light up your tires, because there's way more torque and hp.

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Tubi exhaust, Dali street anti-sway bars, Dunlop SP9000s

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My 2 cents.

Stick with the NSX. The viper handles less than the NSX, and I dunno if this is true for current ones, but the viper has no ABS. And the stick is sooo tricky that you might wind up shifting to 1st again when you want to shift to 3rd.

If you want to smoke the tires, bet a supercharger on the NSX and you can do it then. I read in a Road and Track Mag where MArio Andretti drove in a bunch or sports cars, (I think he drove the C5, the Ferrari 355, Viper GTS, Lotus Esprit V8, Acura NSX, and Porche 911) and he rated the Viper as 2nd to last of those cars. The NSX was a really close second, lost by 1 point to the Porche.

Its really up to you if you wanna get the Viper, but I would take the NSX anyday. With some mods on the car, it can easily be just as fast, and reliable as a Honda.
Originally posted by randall:
thinking about getting it.

Have you sat in one?

I was intrigued by the Viper a few years back. Then one day I sat in one. I couldn't wait to get out.

I remember thinking, "what a shame...I really *wanted to* like that car, but..."

After that, no more Viper intrigue.

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I really think you should actually test drive it and see which car you like better. Every person will have a different opinion, that is just human nature. My friends frowned when I wanted to get the NSX, but I didn't listen to them, I got it because it was the car I liked. Since everyone has put in their 2 cents, let me put mine in. I view most American cars as just brute force. Just stick a high horsepower large displacement engine in a car and thats it. You can stick a V10 in ANY car and it will go fast. The NSX is a different animal altogether. Its speed stems from great engineering. Now this is only my opinion. If I were you I would really drive both cars and see which one you like better. Base ur decision on ur preferences, not ours.


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No one can say anything that will be of use to you in this...

The cars are as opposite as any two cars have ever been. The only thing they have in common is exotic looks and exclusivity.

The Viper is no frills (intentionally), brute force and rough manners. It can walk the walk at the track, but you have to learn how to manhandle it and it is a tough experience.

The NSX makes luxury a prime mission. It is mainly about balance, consistency and manners. The NSX can also walk the walk at the track, but it doesn't take nearly as much effort as nearly any other track car.

In a 1/4 mile, the NSX will lose badly. On the track, it will be mainly up to the track and the driver. It will take a better driver to get the most out of the Viper though.

Drive the Viper and you'll know instantly what you want to do. They are both great cars, just diametrically opposed in their missions...

BTW, I thought that penis thing was hilarious
This picture that Ken NSXtasy posted just cracked me up

Maaaaaan.....I just have to post it again here.



If there are any Viper owners or Viper lovers here that are offended, Its all for the Laugh, ok guys.
I love the V10, brute force, no nonsense of the Viper, and hope that I will own one someday.
Originally posted by ilya:
I think the whole manhood/sports car connection is a myth perpetuated by people who would like to have one, but do not.

I believe this to be true. This even goes into other areas. I have heard this from having a big screen TV.

I used to hear it when I had a Ferrari.

Now I hear, Why did you sell the Ferrari and buy a NSX. I tell them, dollar for dollar the NSX beats the Ferrari in speed, handling, maintenance, repairs, comfort,and reliability. I hope I didn't forget anything.
Originally posted by Black&Tan97Tnewportbeach:
A "Penis Car" is a car with a short round back like a nut-sack, and a large protruding front like a 'unit'. The vette was the original penis car. But if you look at the Viper, it REALLY looks like a 'package', right down to the side vents making it look like a foreskin\helmet.

I hope we don't see any side-by-side "separated at birth" pictures to illustrate THIS concept...
maybe now you guys will get my earlier posting of license plate 8freudn...

ps: for those of you not in the know, freud talked a lot about penis envy and the role of penis in personal psychology...ie i want a sports car to show the world my penis is bigger than it really is and maybe i'll get laid....
by the way, randall, what are you doing...if you get a viper and sell your nsx then im left with the role of upholding nsx honor in kc.... you know i'll have to start calling you the kc viper penis clown....

(ok, yeah, the vipers are cool, but i didnt like the one i test drove)
maybe i'll keep my nsx and still get the viper,btw do you have any extra garage space?met a guy on the viper forum that lives in o.p. and he stopped buy in his 2000 gts last night,that car is sweet!didn't have time for ride,but next time the sun comes out he'll take me for a ride.i'll let you guys know what i think.
I like my Viper and my little penis.She says its cute!The penis that is,although it is not qualified at this size to be called a penis we refer to it as a PENI'.
Just kidding.Yes I've seen the clown shoe picture and all I can say is. "Yep"there it is a 500 hp clown shoe....
Being "hung like a horse" will make it virtually impossible to enter and exit a Viper.

thats the info i was looking for,good read!

Some additional comments re: the NSX and the Viper. You indicated that you miss tire smoking power which is obviously why you were looking at the torque monster - Viper. I am not sure if there are other characteristics that you may value butthey probably figure in what kind of sports car we choose.

I had a 92 NSX which I traded for a Viper GTS. The NSX has good balance which means that it does a lot of things very well. This balance also means that it does not excel in any one thing except maybe for its liveablity. The Viper has been described as a racecar for the street but has been criticized for being crude. Looks are subjective and a matter of individual taste. There are also significant differences with the different model years so you will want to take this into account.

I remember that the NSX was so easy to get used to. The ergonomics was perfect. You almost feel like the interior was customized for you. The shifter was where it should be. And when those vtec secondary valves opened the auto symphony was great. Since you own one, you know what I am talking about.I think 10 years after, Honda should've done more to give it more power. I have heard that one reason is that they did not want to upset the balance but I don't buy that because they certainly have the technology know how. We'll see what happens in 2003 and the rumored V8.

The first generation Vipers were truly crude and the handling was abysmal. When you hear people talk about bad handling Vipers, this is certainly true for the early roadsters. The first GTS coupes (96) had new aluminum suspension bits and geometry and started laying wood to other sports cars. People that do not know always think these muscle cars are only good in a straight line but do not believe it especially with the 97 or newer coupes and roadsters. The ACR Vipers even come with double adjustable coilovers (Koni, Dynamic Suspension) for fine tuning the suspension. Starting in late 2001 onward, they came with ABS and different rear calipers to fix its weak point. I have seen an ABS Viper with street tires match lap times on my Viper with Hoosiers!

The interiors have improved but not in the class of the Japanese and European marques. The ergonomics are still bad. You have no dead pedal, the pedals are offset to the left, poor visibility, and it gets hot because the exhaust pipes are routed beside the driver. This contributes to the notion that they are difficult to drive because it takes a while to get comfortable inside.

Personally, I will find it extremely frustrating owning a sports car if I cannot take it to the road course because that is the only place you will find your return on your investment. In this environment I think the Viper will be more fun. I have not tried the Zanardi edition but without more power and in the hands of equal drivers I think the Viper will still win.

If, on the other hand, you want a sports car that is more civilized then the Viper may not be for you. This may be the same argument if you compare an auto NSX with the Zanardi version or a regular RX7 vs. the R1 or R2 version. Ideally, especially if you can afford it, then get both and then the next time anyone asks to compare them, you can respond. Cheers.
Gee, Iam surprised everyone took the time to differentiate a Viper to a NSX,
but I believe one analogy sums it all up:

If you enjoy raunchy, sleazy, one night stand woman, get the Viper, hands down.

Or if your looking to fall madly, deeply in love eternally, the NSX is the clear winner.


It's very important to stress that the NSX is a lot easier to push to its limits than the Viper... A LOT easier.

Keep in mind that Mario Andretti placed the NSX well above the Viper in the famous showdown and noted that the Viper was exhausting to drive.

Real Viper nuts love that; but I know many guys (Vette guys, Supra guys, etc.) who have tried it and really hated it. They were *never* able to match the times they could get in an "easier" car.

I would make the argument that the NSX is a LOT more fun on a real track unless you are getting off on the difficulty of the Viper.

NSX laptimes are absolutely nothing to sneeze at. Even with the troubles the 2002 was having at the wet track, the 2002 NSX was only 1 sec behind the 2002 Z06.

The torque of the Viper is not an immediate advantage at a track unless the track has some long ass straights and, actually, the big torque can actually get you in a lot of trouble. Great handling car, lots of power, but "equal" drivers in a NSX vs. Viper comparison is an impossible contest. A Viper driver *must* be good to get anything out of the car...

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The NSX is a lot easier to drive because it is much faster to get used to it so most people who have never owned one or the other would prefer the NSX after a first time drive. The S2000 is the same way which is actually a testament to good design. The Viper is much more difficult to get used to but once you've used it for awhile it isn't a big deal on a track. In fact I don't use the dead pedal on other cars if it has one because I got used to it.

I disagree with torque being a disadvantage in the turns unless you get off on shifting all the time which costs you fractions of a second over the course of a lap. It may be more fun to be shifting all the time but it isn't faster. This is why the goal of BMW's SMG or Ferrari's paddle shifter is to allow shifts that are humanly impossible to beat with a traditional gated shifter. Couple that with trying to make perfectly matched blips while doing your heel and toe and you'll see what I mean.
What I was driving at with the possibility of torque being a disadvantage was in the cases where a driver gets themselves in trouble coming out of the corner.

I've seen a lot of people lose the rear coming out of the corner because they misjudge how much torque they have.

Of course this condition is corrected with practice, but my point was mainly that it takes less practice to have fun in an NSX.

The Viper is a great track car. No one would say different. The NSX is also a great track car, however, but it seems that very few people outside of NSX owners and professional drivers like to acknowledge it...

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Originally posted by spookyp:
...I've seen a lot of people lose the rear coming out of the corner because they misjudge how much torque they have...

Actually, torque is not the reason for losing the rear end when exiting a turn. It's a simple fact that you need to have the front wheels straight before going WOT (wide open throttle). The biggest mistake that people make on the road/track is not knowing how to transition a car into, through, and out of a turn. It's all simple physics; that's what the Skip Barber courses taught me!

As for my opinion on replacing an NSX for Viper! I'd say try to have both in the garage. Each one offers a different driving experience.
the experience i'm looking for is to have a FU car when punks in ws6 trans-ams pull beside me!twice these same two kids have harassed me on the street,one w/ a silver ws6 and the other was black.they rode my bumper for miles goosing back and forth,maybe if i'm in a viper they will be less tempted to pick on me!