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Trouble finding synthetic 10W-40 for CTSC

22 November 2001
I've been to 4 stores and can't find synthetic 10W-40 oil that Comptech need to go in their supercharger. Mobil1 doesn't even make a 10W-40. What do you guys use and where do you get it?
Thats odd. I have over 6 cases of Mobil 1 10w-40 in my basement that I bought from price club. I see it even at gas stations. If worse comes to worse you can order it online at places like target or even wal-mart.
If you go to the Mobil1 website, they don't list a 10W-40. I did a bit more searching this afternoon and found Castrol synthetic 10W-40.
I have 10w-40 Mobil 1 in my garage. It's also in my my wife's car as Mercedes requires.

I did a bit more searching this afternoon and found Castrol synthetic 10W-40.

Gobble, is that a true synthetic, or is it their "syntec" blend? Does anyone know if a synthetic-blend is ok for the CTSC, or is a pure synthetic recommended?
I bought the Castrol full synthetic. It was $5 for a quart.

It looks to me like Mobil1 has stopped making 10W-40 in their regular synthetic but now offers it in their extended performance line. I have no idea what the difference is between the two.
does anyone know the difference between the extended performance line and their regular synthetic? I've seen both with same weights. Any differences?
Oil's ability to keep your engine clean is dependent upon detergents that are added to the oil. The long life Mobil One has additional detergents. The other aspect to an oil's ability to perform is how much dirt can the oil hold in suspension. Not sure what they did here. Also there is the oil's ability to maintain a certain Ph range. They probably have added something here as well. Because we stopped using leaded gas years ago the engines burn with fewer deposits. Witness the fact that plugs don't need replacement until 60,000 miles or more. In Europe it is more common to have 10,000 miles between oil changes than the typical 3000 standard used here. In fact changing the oil at 3000 miles generally is wasteful unless you drive in really dusty conditions. Very few engines fail due to oil problems anymore, unless you never change the oil.

Toyota experienced a number of engine failures a few years ago due to (their belief that owners were not changing the oil even yearly in some circumstances) oil issues such as sludge forming and preventing the lubrication process. Now they tell folks even if you don't drive the miles to change your oil at least every six months and not to go over a year without an oil change. By the way the newly designed six cylinder engines no longer experience the problem.

What drmanny3 said, plus, the CTSC is not subjected to any of the heat, contaminates from combustion, or other crud that an engine is so it lasts a lot longer. I'm sure it would do just fine on normal dino oil so any synthetic is more than adequate.

The oil manufacturers sure do have people brainwashed.