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Tulsa 2008 Schedule of Events

13 September 2000
Tulsa, OK
Okay ladies and gents, below is the tentative 2008 SOE for reference.

I'm sure you'll see some interesting events and maybe even have some things you'd like to add - please post your thoughts here. More information will be provided as details become finalized but feel free to ask.

NSX/S2K 2008 Schedule of Events

5/10: Detail Day (T. Baker host)
5/31: DIY night

6/7: Cars & Coffee
6/21: Shop Tour & Dyno Day - Synergy Autosports

7/12: JRP Karting
7/26: BBQ and DIY event

8/2: Cars & Coffee
8/22-23: Talimena Scenic Drive

9/6: NEOkla AX – Fair Meadows
9/27: 1st Annual NSX/S2K Concours d’Elegance 2008

10/11: Cars & Coffee
10/25: DIY night

11/2: Winter Hibernation Prep and F1 season ending watch party

If you'd like to host any of the above events or would like to provide sponsorship (hint: Concours) please let me know. Other than that, invite another NSXer/S2Ker to one of the events! Thanks for coming out!
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Tentatively at Synergy Autosports pending their approval.
SW Tuning in okc said we could there. Have to verify date. They have a Mustang loaded dyno. I just did a cold air and cat back pre and post dyno there. Love the sound and love the power increase! Headers next.
Shawn, looks like some fun events. What exactly is the 9/6 event and what does DIY(do it yourself?) mean in regards to our cars? If you want to call me, I would be receptive to discussing hosting an event, but I need some details.
Shawn, looks like some fun events. What exactly is the 9/6 event and what does DIY(do it yourself?) mean in regards to our cars? If you want to call me, I would be receptive to discussing hosting an event, but I need some details.

How about Top Speed Header or HID Kit install?
That's extremely generous of you. I'm in. About to install my topspeed headers next. Looking forward to seeing your shop.
Shawn, looks like some fun events. What exactly is the 9/6 event and what does DIY(do it yourself?) mean in regards to our cars? If you want to call me, I would be receptive to discussing hosting an event, but I need some details.

NEOkla is the local regional SCCA club and they're hosting an autocross at Fair Meadows on 9/6. Thought some of the locals would like to semi-stretch their car's legs.

The DIY content is all tentative but I'm thinking along the lines of:

  • Slow Window Fix-its
  • Intake/Exhaust Installation
  • Oil/Fuel Filter Change
  • Transmission Fluid Change
  • Reading ECU Codes
  • Proper Corner Balance
  • NSX-R Chassis bar install
  • Brake Pad/Fluids change
  • Proper Leather Care
  • Brake Caliper Rebuild
  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • Steering Bushing Install

...to name a few options. Nothing too technical but necessary. If anyone has simple parts they want to install, they can install at the DIY event w/ a little help from their friends. The above is NSX specific but S2K content is welcome as well.
For FREE? if not then we are down for FREE DYNO DAY at our place. :)

Sheesh gentlemen, I was hoping for a discount, but FREE is even better. I'll edit the original post to confirm that the 6/21 Shop Tour and Dyno Day will be at your facility.

Any update on the May 3rd detail day event?
All - I just talked to Shawn and he STILL does not have his car back and he's out of town this Saturday as well. Hopefully, he'll have his car back late this week or next and we can use his as the test vehicle. We decided to move it to next Saturday May 10th at 3 PM. Please PM me for directions to the house and cell number in case you get lost (about 91st and Harvard area in South Tulsa) . Should have plenty of room since the circular drive and driveway should accomodate about 8-10 cars or so plus the street for overflow.

Just found out that my car won't be here by Sat as the engine will be in the assembly process on Friday. Sorry, ladies and gents but we'll have to find another demo car for the detail day.

My car probably won't be here until the early June event.:frown:
Doesn't really seem to be any interest - the only person I heard from was Julie. Maybe we should cancel this or find an alternative date that works better? Opinions - Shawn?
That sucks. There seemed to be a lot of interest for a detail day last year. Let's cancel it until further notice - unless there's mass objection.

Thanks Tory.
That's kewl with me. The weather forecast is kinda questionable at this point anyways. Plus, I think 3pm is a little late to get started. In my experience, past detail days have been all-day ordeals, usually starting at 10am or 11am.
On my calendar, I have us scheduled for a DIY on Saturday the 31st. Yes, no, maybe?
Hey Chip, I've received no word on when my car will be ready and back from ScienceofSpeed. That said, that particular circumstance shouldn't stop us from doing a DIY.

The easiest and most pertinent thing to do is find out who locally has bought some new or maintenance parts and we can install them. Anyone out there?
I recently had some after-market parts installed for me - chin spoiler and side skirts, which had to be painted and a CF rear spoiler. I bought a CF hood, which did not fit and had to be returned. I also had ordered some window fix-it thingies, but the body shop took my door panel off and said it already had the metal boxes around the plastic pieces and did not need them. The driver window still rolls up slow so, with some guidance from someone mechanically inclined, because that ain`t me, I would have some interest in knowing how to look into fixing that.
we could just get together for breakfast, a drive, go-cart racing . . .
I'm out of the office on business this weekend and will be unable to attend the Cars & Coffee event. That shouldn't stop you guys from coming out though!

I was in Cali last weekend at a "Cars & Coffee" event and it was phenominal. About 100 cars in total.
Shawn, Without your presents and strong leadership, we didn`t do anything this past weekend. You had penciled in a Shop Tune & Dyno for the 21st. Is this still a possibility or should we re-group?
^ x 2. I wasn't sure exactly when/where and didn't wanna assume Krispy Kreme @ 8am, so I stayed in bed.

Speaking of June 21st, the Midwest Area Roadster Society (MARS) is having a Meet-and-Greet at Bob Hurley's dealership that day (Kyong, that huge speed bump at their entrance has been removed). I was thinking we could maybe hit that up first (free food and prizes!) and then cruise over to Synergy for dyno day. The only thing is, they need to know how many will be attending so they know how much food to prepare.
Synergy had wanted to sponsor the Shop Tour and Dyno Day and am sure we can still do that provided we have enough interest.

Must apologize for my lack fo presence the last few months. I've taken on a leadership role w/ a small company and there are a ton of issues that have required a lot of time and effort. That and I still have no idea in what condition my NSX is or when it's coming back - I just stopped asking after various missed deadlines.