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Turbo Motor Dyno Run

I'm now under my own heading here. It was Achlouber. I'm the one with the 450rwhp NOS nsx.

Moving on.. Thank for the info on the page to brag about hp, but that's ok. I don't need to challenge anyone.. I just have fun and try not to care to much to screw up the fun.
Anyway I put the kit together. It's a combination of two NOS kits with a nitrous express purge and two Nitrous Express fogger nozzles. One Nitrous express and one NOS bottle warmer for both bottles. I did the wiring and the custom aluminum intake with bungs to hold them solid in their place. I also have an inline T-rex fuel pump to make sure fuel gets to where it needs to go. One heat range colder plugs and 104 octane only with anything more than a 150 shot. (No adjustability on the timing though it's fairly safe considering the very conservative stock timing)

The short gears and Ring and pinion would make a larger difference. I'm hoping for the 10's this weekend, but reality always has different plans. (And probably so will my clutch.)
It's definately a wet kit. No one I know in Houston uses a dry kit. (They all have a 100 shot or more on their Vettes, Camaros, or Mustangs.) Having problems with the ignition switch.. I guess it's old. Having it replaced as we speak. I still have to replace the rear wheel bearing befor the weekend. Have a leak in my NOS system.. Lots and lots of work and so little time!
No, the actual ignition switch, where the key fits into. Stock ignition works great. I know what you are talking about with the B&M. How does the price compare to the one HKS has?
I'm not really sure what the B&M costs, as Bob Norwood got it for me. I have just never heard anything great about the HKS Twin Fire system and the B&M seems to work really well.

As for the NOS system being wet, that is what I thought. I don't understand why people run dry systems over a 70-100 shot, but I see them all the time. Maybe decisions like that are part of why NOS has such an underserved bad reputation. : )
Originally posted by David:
Just did a dyno run today with my new turbo motor and on 92 octane pump gas, it made 504hp and 376 ft-lbs of torque at the wheels.

I will try to get the chart loaded into Excel and posted within the next day or two.

David- Impressive stuff, congrats. I'm curious if you did a baseline dyno run on the same (or any) dyno before doing the mods. Do you know where the power was before you started. Also, I read quite a bit about your internal mods to support the power- what have you done internally?
Great Job-

SuperCharge for World Peas
The short block has been decked and I had ductile liners pressed in. The pistons are forged 9.5:1 JE slugs with Teflon coating. That is about it.

The heads are polished with the CT valve train, including cams. I Extrude Honed the intake manifold.

The cams are a bit of a problem right now, as the profile is too high lift for the amount of boost I am running. If I ever get any more money, I am going to try to get some new cams with less lift and more duration. I really believe they would be good for another 20-30hp at least.
David what do u think about going twinturbo and instead of using bigger injectors, using the hks aic and wire 6 more injectors. i like to hear what u think or anybody else who wants too.


I saw the video and it was awesome. I don't care how much HP Supra can make. I thought it was cooler than that 800HP Supra dyno video.
Originally posted by TCRCNSX:
David what do u think about going twinturbo and instead of using bigger injectors, using the hks aic and wire 6 more injectors.

I would get the bigger injectors as it should provide better fuel/air mixture than additional injectors. Also with addition injectors, you are running HKS AIC, another possible item that can go wrong. The main reason to run HKS AIC is for smooth idle, but I have been in cars with 720 cc injectors (3.0L supra) and they run fun. With 720 cc injectors, it should provide enough fuel for over 600 rwhp. The more parts you have the more possible problem you have.