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UFC Seek and Destroy

8 March 2006
Make your calls. I'm going with Florian as he is a close friend and Imo the better skilled. Not sure about Fitch/GSP. Its going to be a tough fight for GSP.
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I've got a pretty good track record... except for that Rampage fight, were I really screwed the pooch on the call.

My picks are GSP, Brock, Ken Flo, Manny and Kongo.
Brock is starting to look freightening.
kind of reminded me of another heavy weight.... tim silvia..
in out house is name ine tim"the leaner" silvia cause that all he does in lean on you to wear you out....

Brock is going to be scary as hell, in 18 months......or he will just be gone.

I would pay HUGE money to see him beat the crap outta kimbo though !!!

I think they should change his victory to "win by smothering". Even I felt claustrophobic by around 2.
This may sound strange, but I actually like Kimbo better. He'd probably get beat down or in this case smothered by Brock. But I would cheer for Kimbo. Brock seems to be a bit of an ass. Yeah it might be a show to sell tickets, but that foolishness at the end of his match showed zero respect for the other fighter.