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15 February 2005
British Columbia, Canada
We are planning to jump in the NSX and head South July 19. Not sure where to go but thinking of the Oregon coast to Northern California and back. We only have a week so wondering if anyone has some suggestions...highways to drive, places to see, Prime members to meet? Any help would really be appreciated. Also, any prime members interested in coming up to Southern B.C.? We would be happy to host anyone interested.
In the NSX there is no option but to drive Hwy 1!!! Mendicino in Northern Caifornia is nice and quaint, and depeding upon how far south you head, I would deifinitely suggest some time in the Napa/Sonoma wine country.

In fact, why don't you PM me when your trip solidifies. It may be time for another NSX Wine Country Tour! :biggrin:
I just got back from visiting my brother in Seattle, renting a car and drove to San Fran. Stopped at Crater lake. 33 mile drive around the lake. If you have never been there look at the pic. also the drive to the lake and out are good drives went to redwood national forest and drove down Rt. 1 like ChopJazz. If its foggy its not that great.


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Pasha said:
Thanks for the info. and the pics. Crater Lake will be a definite stop on our way back.

It is WELL out of your way. If you come down 101 in Oregon, you're in for a quite scenic drive, especially just north of Florence. I grew up in a town on 101 called Reedsport, that you will likely drive through on this route. There's not that much to see from Florence to a little south of Coos Bay, where 101 rejoins the oceanside.

I toured the route from Astoria to Reedsport on a bicycle and there are abundant things to see along this stretch. Apparently, the WA portion of 101 is considered quite ugly up until near Olympic. But, you cannot lose on most of it and it will take you through the Redwood Forest and all the way to San Francisco. However, this is a long, long way to drive. If you choose to see Crater Lake, you will need to detour across about 1/2 of Oregon. If you were returning from south of the Redwood Forest, you will need to break over to I5 and then go through Weed and into Klamath Falls, where I also used to live many years ago. From there, the Crater is up the road a bit. Mt. Shasta is also quite scenic and you can BURN IT UP on I5 up there. N. California along I5 is very sparsely populated and there aren't many Chips. Hell, from Redding, where I was born, up to Ashland, there's hardly anybody. Even my mom could tolerate 102mph in the passenger seat.
Thanks for the info. we really appreciate all the great advice on places to see. Our plan is to take most of our time heading south along the coast and then fly back North the quickest way possible with a couple of stops along the way to see the sights. One thing I do know is any speeding tickets will be promply paid this time. Had no idea how long the arm of the law can be and got thrown in jail a few years ago upon entering the US. Apparently, speeding tickets are not a felony but failing to appear in court is. I've heard that in Washington speeding 30 mph over can result in a charge of reckless driving which is a felony according to my understanding. Is this true?
Crater lake is out of the way. About 3-4 hrs from Cresant City, CA (Cresant City is at the top of the redwood forrest) The pictures do it no justice. There is not much else to see at crater lake, but if you drive around the rim you will stop and look 100+ times...yes...at the same lake. the road in (230)and the road out (138) are both nice drives.(Waterfalls, natural bridge deep canyon.) Then you can take I-5 north home. I think wherever you go in the Northwest you wont be dissapointed. I could be over reacting about the northwest, but coming from the east coast...