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Vacuum Hose Question


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1 August 2008
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Is there a "always on" vacuum line on the NSX? Meaning, it's always reading vacuum even at WOT and under boost. I know there's a vacuum control box that stores vacuum pressure for the various vacuum driven components like VViS plates but i'm not sure which one of the 1-5 lines (or elsewhere) stores vacuum all the time..

Hoping to find one I can tap into. Thanks for any help.

Here's a diagram I found. Ignore the call out for the #4 hose.

EDIT: When I say "always on" I meant always on when the engine is running.
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I can say that hose #5 does NOT have persistant vacuum, because that one controls the EGR valve lift when you are cruising. No vacuum at idle and no vacuum at WOT.
Sorry to hijack the thread ... but can you order the NSX vacuum hoses in the US? I tried ordering them yesterday but Honda Canada says they are discontinued. They've suggested using regular hose (without the bend). Is there any downside to doing that?