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Wanna take a guess at whats wroing?

8 March 2006
2005 NSX, 10K miles. Stereo used maybe 40 times. The other day I noticed the left side is muffled. Changed CD's... same thing. Changed sources... same thing. The highs on the drivers side are not like the passenger side. But there are some there. It sounds like a weak tweeter almost. Are the Blows door speakers 2 way? Is something wrong with the electronics? Is my tweeter out?

I really am not sure I want to leave my car at the dealer and have them start removing panels to find this problem. They never put things back right. Any suggestions as to what this could be? I am asking because maybe there is a known problem I am unaware of. I never played this thing very loud. I'm half ready to yank the whole thing and put something better in. But I want the factory parts changed first in case I sell them.

One thought was that this is one of Bose's goofy EQ settings or something but it seems too muffled for even that.
You should know better.... Bose don't have tweeters. Single cone POS.


Factory HU basically is pre-out (since the amps are in the speakers). So go factory HU, small amp in either coaxials in the doors or a good set of component 6-1/2".

I went Factory HU, Alpine amp, Dyaudio comp, 10" sub. Simple and clean. Now I hardly listen to it. Listen to the Tubi. :)
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Very strange for a car your age. I would first try uninstalling your supercharger and going NA again. A headgasket change should be in order as well because yours appears to be blown.

If that doesn't fix it, I would suspect a bad amp or maybe a bad speaker. Since your car is probably under warranty, you should have that whole assembly replaced.
I'm with The Malibu Dood...it's either your CTSC or your Bose.

Show the service advisor the mounting tabs for the interior door panel trim, that they are are all whole and unbroken. So when you get it back and all the tabs are broken off, they can order you a new panel as well.

Its +$2K for the whole panel and the tabs are nicely hidden behind the weatherstripping.

I believe the CTSC and Bose compete for your attention, so they might be burning each other out.

I think that maybe the problem is simply the usual failing subwoofer amp and door speaker amps. Briank on this website repairs these; he did mine after some other idiots installed GM amps in place of the Honda amps. I can vouch that he knows what he is doing. If you are up for a little DIY, the door panels are easy to remove and the sub isn't that difficult to get out either.