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Water injection on SC NSX?

22 November 2001
Anyone evey try a water injection kit on a CT SC'd NSX? Since there is no other way that I know of to lower intake temp with the SC kit I am leaning towards this idea. I would run the system with a master switch so it would only run when I was on the track or other severe conditions and it would be pressure activated at around 3psi. Your thoughts?

Huh? My understanding is that they are VERY different concepts. I want to cool the intake charge and make the engine less prone to detonation. I am not really looking to make more power. This car sees lots of track time and the motor is very expensive!

Just a suggestion it worked out with 8.98 drag car ontop of the blower which was at 35 lbs of boost and intercooler(air to air) after a pass the motor would get volitile hot(cherry red) and too very expensive.A simple 25 shot (Cold Intake).Later we developed a spray bar that emptied the NOS bottle onto air to air intercooler in 10-15 seconds and did produce alot of horsepower .NHRA didn't like this idea and banned its use in santioned races.With the 25 shot into the motor we didn't see any #'s that reflected any HP although it did solve the problem and got us into the pits at normal temps. this of course is drag racing and road race may require something that is cheaper to fill etc. and requires no refill of NOS.
Possibly e-mail MARK BASCH i remember him saying something about water injection last week or so,he may be able to help...

I would think that a alky/water combo would work a little better since the alcohol will dramatically decrease intake temps over water and will burn unlike water which will tend to cause the car to bog.
I remebering seeing an Import Tuner magazine that featured Adam Saruwatari's nsx, not the tube chasis drag car, but his street car.

He was using the water injection unit on his NSX, its the same kit sold from Jackson Racing, especially since they are friends.

If your looking for more information take a look at his site.

I know there are quite a few water injections kits out on the open market. Its a great idea when you have limited space for an intercooler.

The best available is probably Aquamist from the UK. Not cheap, but it's based on a 100 PSI pump and comes with an adjustable boost sensitive switch or a more advanced controller, and several atomizing nozzle sizes. (The Miata boys love it and have the best prices.)

I used to run water injection on an old non-intercooled turbo Z and it allowed lot's of extra boost. However, I could not tell the difference between water and a 50/50 mix of water and alcohol. I have since read several times that the benefits and drawbacks the alcohol are a wash so just use water.