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What is wrong with this red NSX on Ebay?

the car has nothing going for it, it is bone stock

That's one thing the car has going for it. A bone stock car will generally be easier to sell, and may as a result be posted with a higher price.

Remember, just because YOU might want a modded car, doesn't mean that everyone else feels the same way.

Third the car is priced way to high

This car is priced fairly (remember, the $40K price isn't relevant because there is a reserve; the $44.5K price is). Not a huge bargain, not an outrageous rip-off either.

I hate red

Again, just because YOU might not want a red car, doesn't mean that everyone else feels the same way. Red cars do not sell for a big premium or discount over other colors, and most colors have been about equally available. Acura did a good job of matching the distribution of colors to the demand. Roughly 40 percent of NSX's are red. And everyone - including you - should be able to find an NSX in a color he/she likes.

I hope the dealer sits on it until the new body style comes out (and has to pay interest on it that entire time too)

Why such hatred? This dealer appears to be trying to sell a decent car at a decent price.

The reason no one has bid on this car is that the opening bid price is not much lower than a fair market price for the car. Cars that have low opening prices get a lot of bids... but they don't really matter if the reserve isn't met.

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Originally posted by ravetek:
...Second- the car has nothing going for it, it is bone stock...

they changed the shift knob.

gerald, looks like a nice car to me. seems like you would see any dings or scratches under those lights.
I'm sorry this short thread has me going today....

Gerald: I think the primary problem right now is most luxry items are not selling that well for two very obvious reasons. Do I need to say more? Ravetek is right most people don't buy cars over the web unless they have someone they trust check it out for them. However I totally disagree with Ravetek on his other comments and find them almost offensive and not very helpful.

Ravetek: I know you just picked up your NSX recently. I think your "price" view might be skewed from the current economic conditions. If you think $44k is too high for a 96 "Targa" go back and look at what "any" Targa model has been selling for over the past year.

From my view the price is pretty close to the what the market is demanding for a clean car. Also I looked at the pictures and the only thing I could see were a few scrapes on the wheels. Everything else looks to be in pretty good shape. Even the front spoiler is the original because you can't buy the version the car came with any more.

A lot of exotic cars are available now for about 10% to 15% less than what they were 3 months ago. Why? There were a lot people who had wealth on paper but not in cash. How many job loses have occurred in the past 60-90 days? Do you think that may have effected anything?

Once the cars from these people are picked up do you think the market will rebound?
Don't count on the market remaining depressed for years. If may for another 6 to 9 months but it's going to return. Along with that the price is going to return too. I'm sure there are many owners who can afford not to work and don't have to sell the toys. I'm old enough to have seen this happen twice before.

So the only reason you might find a "targa" lower right now is someone needs to sell their car now is because of a job loss. Those of us who have been around awhile even know some of those people. I've even tried to find jobs in my company for a few.

Also Ken is right a bone stock car appeals to some people more than a highly modified car. Also the majority of modified cars are pre-targa. Why? Because if someone is really into going out the track the pre-95 cars have a lot of advantages, especially the 91-93s.

So if I wanted a modified car, I would want to have the experience of modifying the car myself and modify it the way I would like to have it modified. It would be my modified car, not someone else's.

Red, Yellow, Black, Silver ,...? Maybe Lud can find the link to my post about colors and women. All I've got to say is I love them all just like women.

I agree with Ken why such hatred? The dealer is just trying to make a living just like your company is competing in the market too. Are your company's products over priced?Is there the same hatred toward your employer? Is this maybe one of the problems we have in the world today? Too much hatred over things that don't matter that much?

Enough said.

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Ravetek, You are right regarding the reserve price and the 3-4 grand differences with the 97 model. I'll just wait for a 97 for sale then

Thank you everyone.
The reserve price is only 1000 or 2000 dollars high... Bug you always need to be skeptical of dealers. In addition - EBAY is a horrible venue for trading exotic cars. When I was originally looking for my 95, I had some miserable experiences on ebay. For 1, I one a DC Motors auction, and then they refused to sell... Always have someone very knowledgeble check the engine out!
Looks like a nice car at a good price to me. How is miles in the low thirties on a 96 not significant? Based on what I've heard others pay recently, I think this car is a steal!


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Hello Fellas,

Well I just ran a carfax on this vehicle and found nothing interesting to report: I must agree that it's a little high price-wise, but then again, we all pay a little extra for our toys!

F.Y.I. Carfax attached:

GOOD NEWS! Carfax search results confirm this 1996 Acura NSX-T (JH4NA1185TT000266) qualifies for the $5,000 Clean Title History Guarantee. By ordering this Carfax Report, you have significantly reduced your risk of purchasing a vehicle with a costly hidden problem.

Section #: Section Name: Section Results:
Vehicle Specifications JH4NA1185TT000266
1996 Acura NSX-T
Title Check Clean Title History Guaranteed

Odometer Rollback Check
No Odometer Rollback Detected
Problem Check No Problems Found
Registration Check Checked 7 types of vehicle registrations
Vehicle History Details 5 Total Vehicle History Records Found
Country Mfg.: JH4NA1185TT000266
1996 Acura NSX-T
2D Cpe. 2-seat car
3.0L V6 PFI DOHC 24V
Rear-wheel drive

GOOD NEWS! Carfax search results confirm this 1996 Acura NSX-T (JH4NA1185TT000266) qualifies for the Carfax $5,000 Clean Title History Guarantee. Carfax analyzed this vehicle's title history to determine if any title documents were designated or marked with the following problems:

Problems Checked: Results:
Salvage/Junk Title Checked - No Problem Found
Rebuilt/Reconstructed Title Checked - No Problem Found
Flood Damage Title Checked - No Problem Found
Damage Disclosure Checked - No Problem Found
Manufacturer Buyback (LEMON) Checked - No Problem Found
Exceeds Mechanical Limits Title Checked - No Problem Found
Not Actual Mileage Title Checked - No Problem Found

NOTE: Click here for a complete Carfax Glossary.

GOOD NEWS! Carfax search results on this 1996 Acura NSX-T (JH4NA1185TT000266) did not uncover a potential odometer rollback. Carfax analyzed this vehicle's reported odometer readings to determine if any reading is less than a previously reported reading.

Date Reported: Odometer Reading:
05/02/1998 4,005


06/02/1998 4,557


06/20/1999 15,076


08/30/2000 22,361


08/02/2001 32,360

GOOD NEWS! Carfax search results on this 1996 Acura NSX-T (JH4NA1185TT000266) did not uncover any of the following problems:

Problems Checked: Results:
Accident Records Checked - No Problem Found
Salvage Auction Records Checked - No Problem Found
Failed Emissions Inspection Checked - No Problem Found
Fire Damage Checked - No Problem Found
Crash Test Vehicle Checked - No Problem Found
Grey Market Vehicle Checked - No Problem Found
NOTE: Click here for a complete Carfax Glossary.

Carfax search results on this 1996 Acura NSX-T (JH4NA1185TT000266) identify the types of state motor vehicle department registrations, other than private, that appear in this vehicle's history.

Registrations Checked: Results:
Lease Checked - No Lease Registration Found
Rental Checked - No Rental Registration Found
Government Checked - No Government Registration Found
Taxi Checked - No Taxi Registration Found
Fleet Checked - No Fleet Registration Found
Commercial Checked - No Commercial Registration Found
Non-Profit Checked - No Non-Profit Registration Found

NOTE: Click here for a complete Carfax Glossary.

The Carfax database contains a total of 5 vehicle history records on this 1996 Acura NSX-T (JH4NA1185TT000266):


05/02/1998 4,005 Texas
Inspection Station
Houston, TX
Passed emissions inspection


06/02/1998 4,557 Texas
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Houston, TX
Title #10131735934161139
Title or registration issued
First lien reported


06/20/1999 15,076 Texas
Inspection Station
Houston, TX
Passed emissions inspection


08/30/2000 22,361 Texas
Inspection Station
Houston, TX
Passed emissions inspection


08/02/2001 32,360 Texas
Inspection Station
Houston, TX
Passed emissions inspection



Click here for a complete Carfax Glossary.

You have significantly reduced your risk of purchasing a vehicle with a hidden problem. However, Carfax has not inspected this vehicle. There could be other potential problems with this vehicle that have not been reported to Carfax.

Not all titles issued represent a change in vehicle ownership. For example, a title could be issued to reflect an address change or correction.


A Three-Year, Transferable Protection Plan

Carfax's $5,000 Guarantee confirms this 1996 Acura NSX-T (JH4NA1185TT000266) has a Clean Title History. This certificate is valid for three years from date of issue, and is transferable!

Carfax $5,000 Clean Title History Guarantee Terms:

Vehicle ID Number (VIN): JH4NA1185TT000266
Year/Make/Model: 1996 Acura NSX-T
Issue Date:
Expiration Date: 10/11/2004
The reserve price is only 1000 or 2000 dollars high...

We don't know what the reserve price is.

However, (obviously) we know that it's more than the opening bid required ($40,000) and less than or equal to the buy-it-now price ($44,500).

If you have access to Carfax, would it be easy to run one for that yellow NSX that got totalled then appeared in FL as "clean"?

Current thread on this forum. Thread says VIN is JH4NA2169YT000265.

Just curious to see what says what. If CarFax said clean then I'd really worry.
Originally posted by ravetek:
Crazy stuff I'm hearing on here- 97' targa's run through the auction for 47-49 all day long with 18-22K Miles on them. I just saw a 99' zanardi sold at $51,800 with 7K miles.

To have 40K anything into a freaking 96' and lose out on all those enhancements for the 97' model year is the definition of throwing money away.

You're not exactly comparing apples to apples when you bring up auction prices in a discussion about a retail sale. Not everyone has access to auction buying...
Just as an FYI, the going rate here is about $500 for a licensed dealer to go with you to an auction and buy the car of your choice meaning you can buy for what amounts to near wholesale if you know what you are doing.

The NSX Model List Page

The rumor is in the last NW meeting u mentioned u purchase your car in upper 60K. Using the purchase of your own NSX a couple months ago, please inform us of the basis for your judgement that $45,000 is too much money.

If the rumor is not true, please forgive me.
Originally posted by ravetek:
Well, when I bought my car it was the beggining of the summer- a little different situation at this point; since we are now in October plus the market is flat.

There's been a used yellow 98 at Acura of Portland for several months now. I think it's the GMs car and he's been asking in the low $60s for it. I haven't checked to see what he wants now. Also there's a brand new yellow 01 at Ron Tonkin Acura in Portland with 37 miles on it. I know you can pick it up for invoice plus some. There was another yellow in town for sale but I think it sold last month.
Why all the hatred? 20-30K loss in just a few months. That would probably get me hating anything w/ four wheels.

"those damn radio flyers! I hate those things! that idiot wants 50 bucks for that thing?! I hope he's stuck with it for life!"
i must be missing something here.
appears to me like a great deal. outside of ebay, can anyone find me a 96 nsx (less than 36k miles) for under $48k?? most i've seen are $50k+
Originally posted by ravetek:
Here is one with 15K miles offered by a dealer for 50K meaning that you could take that there is no reason why you couldn't take it for 48K all day long-

Sounds like a pretty good deal.. if you're on the east coast. Prices on NSXs are not consistent across the country. Prices are highest on the west coast. You've got the add the price to ship it or to fly out and drive it back.
This looks to be too good to be true...and when something looks too good to be true then it usually isn't true. Clean CarFax does not guarantee a good car either. I saw a car with clean record and only 30k miles but it turned out to be wrecked(lightly but surely) and abused. I didn't read the fine print on this but if you aren't allowed to inspect it, then I wouldn't take it.
Originally posted by ravetek:
Dealers screw people all day long; don't expect me to show any sympathy for them.

After reading each of your posts, I am amazed at how much negativity, anger and hostility exude from them. Peace.

I'm just wondering at what Manheim auction have you heard of or seen 97's with 18-22K run for 47-49 all day? Your information is all wrong as I know for a fact that no such clean car has sold for that price range that you describe at any Manheim auction in the past 12 months. Prove me wrong. I'd love to get a couple at that price. And $400 open carrier all day? More like $700 coast to coast.