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What other cars would you like to purchase next?

18 January 2008
City of Sin
Realistically, I am asking what is in your lineup of cars you would like to get next or with your NSX in the garage. I thought of this today while reading my new issue of European Car Mag. There was a sweet ass Lotus Exige in there tuned out that was amazing. I like that mag since it does lots of close ups of cool Euro cars that have been modded to be fast as hell.

On the top of my list are the following cars I would like to get in the next 10-15 years of ownership.
1) Porsche 911 -most likely used watercooled and a turbo. At the very least get a nice naturally aspirated balanced version would be good.
2) Lotus Elise/Exige with a nice turbo or supercharger kit. Yes I know the Exige already has a SC on it.
3) Corvette Z06-I figure I gotta buy one just to have it and say I have owned one. It is the epitomy of Muscle cars before the ZR1 came out.
4) Mini Cooper S-Hard to beat the fun/$ ratio on the car.

I realize this could fit in so many other categories for Sections or sub-sections but off topic is the one place my thread won't get deleted or moved so I put it here.
Nissan GTR
Viper ACR
Porsche Boxter Spyder
Audi R8 V10
Lotus Exige
Nissan R33 Skyline GTR
GT-40 Replica
Lotus Exige
Viper GTS 1st Gen Blue/White stripes
Corvette ZR1 1st Gen LT5 or Z06 any Gen
1 - Audi R8
2 - Mercedes G55
3 - Chevy SSR
4 - Aston Martin Rapide
5 - Porsche Carrera GT

not in any order and I would keep the NSX
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Audi R8
Well, eventually I plan to move the 2010 Murano to my wife when her Altima poops out, then replace that with a 3 or 5 Series BMW for myself.

As far as hobby cars, I plan to keep the NSX for a VERY long time, it's a timeless classic and always will be. The only car that has grabbed my attention to own as another toy is the Ferrari 430 Scuderia
Porsche 993, turbo or n/a will depend on the wallet. After that maybe a newer model 911 (7 gen, not a big fan of the 6's).

GTR/ 1999/2000 Viper. Both of these are for the experience to own, not the aquisition of like the NSX.

Later down the road, a 360. A few years after that, I will get an F40.
ML63 AMG to Replace my wife's Landcruiser as mine will keep going until diesel runs out. :)

To replace the NSX, the HSV 10 or a 430 in a few years.
1. CTS-V
2. GT3
3. M3
4. Cooper S/JCW

For the Track
1. Exige
2. Ford GT (this I wish I could have now)
I'm happy with the cars I have, but if one of them gets totaled, here's my list:

Potential Daily Drivers:
Honda Civic SI
Honda CR-V (first gen AWD and add a Barrett Jackson Supercharger)
Ford Escape Hybrid

Potential NSX replacement:
Honda S2000
Lotus Elise/Exige
Tesla Roadster
It is funny how cars work for me. I grew up with a single Dad who didn't really get into cars beyond the fact he always had this "Dream" car to get some day. Well, he died at age 52 so he never got that chance.

I think as we grew older(speaking for early 30 year old guys) we get caught up with getting married, having kids and planning for retirement. I kind of wonder if several guys that finally hit that ripe age of retirement said to them selves, "Jesus, I can afford the car I want but I don't really want to drive a sports car now. I just want to sit at home and watch Wheel of Fortune." I am exaggertating to make a point. There must be some balance of living in the moment and still saving for the future that allows us to avoid regrets of not doing this or buying that.

I write this now but realize that the vast majority of people I know are irresponsible people and don't save any money and are quite the opposite. I know this sounds odd but I feel like the NSX crowd manages their money better than other car owners I know.

Sorry for the rant. Keep posting more car lists!
I understand this is a tough decision - For me the thoughts went to how unique the NSX is and I wanted something equally unique. I also wanted something I could work on myself, that would get me back to a true driving experience without all of the electronics interfering.

I have always loved the mid-engine layout, that was what brought me to the NSX in the first place. Recognizing that, for me, the answer was only one car - the Porsche 914-6. Now it took me about 3 years to find what I wanted but when I did I bought it and it is sitting in my garage patiently awaiting some minor work so that I can drive it around town and then ultimately a restoration.

Much like seeing the NSX in the garage when I owned it, I now look forward to walking out into the garage every day to see the six sitting there. So for me the answer was pretty simple once I got down to what I really desired.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy your choice as much as I am enjoying mine.
I'm pretty happy with what I have.

Next - prolly replace the passat with a BMW or MB sedan.

Longterm - I would like to get a Ferrari at some time. Lately I have been thinking of getting a true collector car such as a Carrera GT, F40 or F50 or a Scuderia. I would just hate to drive it though. I know I am dreaming big but it doesn't cost $ to dream.
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Don't plan on getting rid of the NSX but do plan on rotating other weekend cars through...

360/430 just depends
Tesla Roadster
Vanquish S

To replace the DDs as they expire?

Thinking of replacing the Passat with a
Tesla S
Carrera 4
M5 (or maybe a 335d, I do like the diesels)
Or I might just end up with a Honda Accord because I tend to get really practical about daily drivers

Odyssey gets replaced with
x5M (or x5-35d once again....diesel)
Or maybe just a Pilot or Highlander Hybrid..once again practicality, especially if Honda ever offers the Pilot in diesel like they've been claiming they would

My truck...well, it just replaced with a newer version of what it is... :D
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I think about this list quite frequently...no particular order.
Honda S2000
Honda Fit
Honda Element
Chevy Corvette
Chevy Camaro
Acura TSX (v6)
I would be fine with any of those!
GT40 replica with a Ford 302 or 351; they are old tech, loud, leak in the rain, and are hot but damn do they look good and sound better. Nothing like driving a LeMans racecar on the street.

Maybe a Z06 as well, I would probably be done then.