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What other cars would you like to purchase next?

I was thinking of getting an early 90's Toyota MR2 for a daily driver but the wife wants an s2000 first.:rolleyes:
I maintain a long list of attainable dream cars.

At present, my future plans are as follows:

1. 996 TT X50 (2011 or so)
2. Beck Speedster or 550 replica (2012-13)
3. Jaguar E-Type Coupe S1 (2013-14)
4. Audi R8 (2013-14)
5. BMW M5 E39
6. 2002-2005 NSX
7. Classic BMW 3.0 CS/M6 E24/rare E12/E28 M535i or Alpina

These would be additions to my current lineup:

1. NA1 NSX Coupe track/weekend car
2. E28 M5 show car
3. Subaru Outback winter/commuter/dog/grocery car
I plan on buying my girlfriend a new car when we get married (tentatively late 2011), most likely a late model BMW 3 series. She really, really wants me to build her a Beck replica Porsche 356, and I'm going to oblige. In trade, I get to build a 3-bay man cave which will be replete with full air feeds, a four post lift, and more.

As for me, my DD is currently a 1997 Nissan Maxima that is modified to the hilt. Supercharger, coil-over suspension, upgraded transmission... but she looks totally stock (save for some lighting upgrades). I love the idea of a 4-door sports car, and my next vehicle will most likely be either an E39 M5 or a Merc E55.

Down the road, I'd like to acquire a 360 or 430, and probably a 512TR as well. I've always loved F-cars, and it has been a lifelong dream to own a few. I'll never get rid of the NSX though; she was my first love (hence the large garage).
I am looking for a new car right now.

Here is my list.
1. Audi S4
2. Audi S5
3. BMW M3
4. CTS-V
4. CLK63

Right now I am leaning towards the S5.

I just drove a 2007 997 Turbo, HOLY CRAP. That car is insane fast. I want it!
1.Audi R8

2.05 NSX

3. praying for a new NSX to come out

4. maybe something new might come out you never know:biggrin:

5. shoot I forgot 348 also
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On Friday, I just bought a brand new Toyota Tacoma Access Cab 4WD as a daily driver, winter beater.

If an Audi R8 ever becomes available used in 10 years or so, I would be very interested. There actually is a used Audi R8 for sale in Edmonton at the Audi dealership. Price is still well above my threashold.
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If I replace my NSX

it would be
Aston Martin DB9 or Vantage
Ford GT
Ferrari F360 CS

Newer Daily Driver

Girlfriend wants (within a few month)

330ci convertible

We will see
(Also resurrecting another old thread to add some more "traffic" to NSXPRIME!)

Not replacing the NSX..., but I have been eyeing on...
  • Toyota Supra (manual)
  • Gen 2 Audi R8
  • Lexus LC500
  • Porsche 991 GT3
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I'd get the 2005/6 Ford GT or the newest reiteration 2016 onward.
Two totally different cars, one's analog, the other digital. I'm old skool, prefer the analog, so that's what I've got. You can't go wrong!!!!