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wheels gallery

some cools pictures with rims on that site!

hey maomao, what type of rim is on that yellow nsx? damn that's a deep dish/lip! I'm assuming it has a wide body kit on it to get that deep of a lip?? correct me if I'm wrong. also, if you know the pricing on the wheels that would be helpful too. thanks

<A HREF="http://www.guam.net/home/superg/nsxtasy.htm" TARGET=_blank>
some cools pictures with rims on that site!

Yeah, and a coupla' butt-ugly ones, too

Thanks for the link, maomao!

-Bob ('94 #496)
Anyone know what kind of side skirts on on the black car(3rd down on left column) with the blue racing sparco's. I would post the picture but I dont know how.

Lud, Could you give instructions on how to post pic's (1) in the main forum so we can illustrate at times (2) and also in the Picture forum to post pics of our cars, unless I've missed them I haven't seen any instructions there.
Anyone know what wheels those are on the left side, seventh row down? (5 spoke black with a red circumference)
Are wheels makers running out of ideas? Some of those are really bad. I love after-market wheels on NSXs, and both of our cars have wheels, but someone must come up with new ideas that look clean and racey.

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