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Where to buy new/used Tag or shifter Kart in SoCal?

15 July 2003
Redondo Beach, CA
I've been trying to shop for a Tag or Shifter Kart the past few days. The only shop I found was Pitts Perormance in Van Nuys. Anybody knows a shop where they sell used/new Karts here in Socal? Thanks in advance!

Henry there is one in Redondo Beach...surprised you didn't know about it. :smile:


Wait maybe thats not it....I remember there was one behind the South Bay Galleria when I picked up some parts for JM back then. Give JM a call he knows where its at.
grrr... nsxfiles.com has had this applet on the frontpage now for years that locks up firefox... i think he does it intentionally!!! damned microsoft people......

so i had to kill the firefox process and restart and it double posted.
lol I was like huh? you just said that :biggrin: