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Where to get car alarm in Orange County?

11 April 2008
Huntington Beach, CA
I want to get an alarm system with remote entry for my NSX. Can someone recommend a good place to buy and install an alarm system? I'm looking for really good quality work.

I bought my alarm online. had al and ed's install.
Sound Specialists in Garden Grove - Steve (714)530-8779

Slightly outta OC but:

Alondra Car System & Tint in Bellflower - David (562)867-7422

If you decide to go with one of these, tell them Christina with the red s2000 sent you and hopefully they'll give you a good deal. They do great work, Ive referred friends to both and all had praises.
dont u have the factory alarm with remote? maybe u may want to check to see if your car has the factory alarm system, it should have a keyless entry remote.
Anyways, good luck on your search and install.