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Where to have wheels refinished locally

25 February 2012
As my NSX spent some unplanned time in the body shop recently, all the minor little body things I wanted to attend to have been fixed (well, almost... you can always do more).

So the last remaining eyesore is my scuffed-to-hell wheels. I assume a quick polish and refinish will take care of it as none of the damage is especially deep... where should I take them for an estimate?
I know, I'm torn... I want to preserve the iconic look of the car and I do really like the OEM wheels. But refinishing them might cost almost as much as buying a mint condition set on Prime.

I'll get an estimate and compare prices.
I'm guessing a shop would charge ~$150-200 per wheel to strip and refinish them. A set of OEM 7-spokers (95-01') would be $600-1200 depending on condition. You could also get a "cheap" set of new aftermarket wheels such as the Enkei PF01, RFP1 or RP03 for around $1200. You got alot of choices.
I went the Enkei RPF1 route. That wheel is a win on many levels.

I contacted Wheel Techniques about having them painted gloss black and I think they quoted $150 per wheel.