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Who Loves ya Baby- Tubi Exhaust for NSX!

7 February 2001
All right everyone, I have a buy that I have been salivating over since I heard about it.
I am going down on Thursday to videotape, take pics of, and then post sound files of the Tubi Exhaust on the NSX!
These are very expensive units that cost over $2200, hand made in Italy used on Ferrari and Lamborghini. However, this company can do a group buy of 5 or more, and get them from Tubi for $1690 at the MOST. This is about what he paid for his. He stated that depending on how many are interested, he can get them for hundreds less than that. He is currently working on an agreement with Tubi for products for many lines of cars. I was lucky to catch him at the right time and he offered this buy for me since he planned to order a lot from them soon.

How did I come across this?
Simple timeline:
ilya sees thread on ferrarichat
thread references Tubi exhaust for NSX
ilya is in process of buying new exhaust
thread states his NSX with Tubi sounds better than 360
ilya gets excited

ilya uses the almighty GOOGLE and finds tubistyle usa
tubistyle usa points him to Mechanized Engineering Systems
Tino, at this company, has an NSX w/ Tubi
Tino confirms he likes sound better than 360
ilya gets even more excited

Tino invites me to look and listen to his NSX this Thursday
ilya is now salivating

You can gather the rest about the group buy from our discussion that followed.

Be prepared. On Thursday or Friday, after checking out this baby for myself, I am going to post everything to this thread.
He said the NSX with his Tubi sounds better than his F360. We'll see.... very soon.

I can't wait.

Once I post, for those interested, let's work on a group buy so we can get this thing for a reasonable price. I just sold my exhaust and was looking at a couple options including the Taitec. We now have a new player on the field!

I wanted to post this now to get some interest going. It will benefit all of us who are interested to work on a group buy. We can decide once we know some more info later this week.

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I take it this is Mr. Stramotas's NSX you are going to see? I remember there was talk of someone organizing a group buy on the Tubi NSX exhausts a while back but it seemed to evaporate. I'd love to hear one in person. I know the quality is first rate on Tubi products and the sound is what many Ferrari owners UPGRADE to....
If his first name is Tino, then that is him.
If anything, I will definitely have pics and info to post after my trip.
If we were to order one the normal way, it would be $2300 plus from Italy. I guess it's just a markup.
Originally posted by ilya:
If his first name is Tino, then that is him.
If anything, I will definitely have pics and info to post after my trip.
If we were to order one the normal way, it would be $2300 plus from Italy. I guess it's just a markup.

Just in clarification: Tino Stramotas is the gentleman who made reference on ferrarichat.com to an NSX with a Tubi exhaust and the statement that it sounds better than a 360. Tino is active on the Ferrari list and has an NSX as a daily driver.

The NSX Model List Page
Hmm, this thread could be very interesting. I think I'll keep an eye on it.

Thanks Ilya!!

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HOTDAMN!!! they look sweet...and what a coincidence. I was about to post asking if there were any exhausts with a quartet of pipes available for the NSX.

Oh yea, and it seems that my business is doing well with only room for improvement so I'll be able to buy a new NSX within a year depending on if the 2002 model turns out looking alright. I'm hoping after I buy I'll be able to be more involved in the NSX community =)

Could you get any indication one the weight of this baby....

Where still a bit shocked on the Remus results.......

Hey guys. I don't think I made it clear enough (and I apologize) in my original post about the status of this exhaust. Yes, it may become available to us soon. Yes, we will know more soon. However, the negotiations are still preliminary, and there isn't a final price yet.
The Tubi exhuast is just one small part of something else going on.
It's an excellent system and many of us are excited about it, including myself. If all goes according to plan, we will know more about the sound this week.
After that, we will have to wait to hear back once a final price is available.
My purpose was to let everyone know the possibility and generate some excitement so we can get a good group but together.
However, some people think it's all ready to go and we can order now. Sorry for not making that clear. It will happen, but we have to wait until everything is finalized with Tubi first.
I now have video of the Tubi exhuast. For those of you going to the monthly meeting in Calabasas tonight, I'm bringing it with me and you'll get to see it all. Otherwise, I will try and find a way to get Lud the video to post for everyone. If anything, I also took pics and will post them as well.
Gives us the low down!!!! How did it look compared to the picture shown? Was the polishing as nice and as complete as the picture? How did it sound? Was it high pitched like the GruppeM or the Taitec or was it more deep throaty sound like the ARC or the Comptech? Please the suspense!!!!!
I'll ask for people from the meeting tonight to post their impressions as well for everyone so we can get a lot of opinions.
As for me:

The first thing I noticed when I saw it was how perfectly straight it sits. It's tight up against the valence and does not hang. Both side were dead even and it looked professional. The car was very low with Eibachs, so I couldn't get a good look under. It was obvious the whole thing was polished and looked very nice. So that is what stood out... the um... 'even ness' of the tips.

I have to say that it sounds BEST from the outside. From inside the car, it sounded very good, but almost all exhausts sound similar to me from within. It was very quiet at idle, barely noticeable. Cruising was nice, with no resonance or boom. It has a low, powerful sound at lower RPMS when accelerating, although not boomy or gutteral. When it opens up though, it opens up big time. The sound changes and it becomes closer to the higher pitch sounds like the Taitec. I am going to get a good listen to the Taitec tonight and give a comparison tomorrow. I am personally deciding between these two, so it's also very important for me. It did not shriek like a F355, but it was a very fast metallic sound, which does remind you of one a bit.

My Favorite part of the sound, believe it or not, was deceleration. Releasing the pedal at high RPMs produces the only sound from an NSX that sounded like a Ferrari. It's hard to expalin, but it was a very fast, metallic sound slowly decelerating. I would not say the exhaust makes the car sound like a 355. It was still NSX, all the way. Deceleration was the only time when I heard a sound from the NSX I had not heard before, and it was FANTASTIC.
Explaining a sound is like reviewing hi-fi speakers. You can use all the colorful imagery you want, but it's never the same as hearing it for yourself.
He also noted that it has only been on the car 5-6 months. It has been getting slowly louder ever since. It was a good volume. Not weak, and not obnoxious.

I want to thank Tino for his time today. He was very nice, and has an awesome car with many one-off jobs (like a carbon fiber engine cover w/ a window over the center). He spent lots of time with me and gave me lots of footage to show tonight. Don't worry guys. I'm thinking of a way to get the video from camcorder to file. I will post it all as soon as I can.

All I can say overall is it sounded GREAT! It had the good features of various exhauts I have heard (changing characteristics depending on RPM), but did not have any of the drawbacks. Not boomy, too loud, no resonance. It sounded very good, and it looked outstanding. I will post the pics I took of it soon.

My main point would be that this is a very high quality exhaust. It looks great, it sounds great, and had no drawbacks for me. The only deciding factor is the sound, which is completely subjective. I would note that this batch will be ordered as a special deal. In other words, Tubi does not make them anymore. There is no guarantee that more will become available again unless another such deal is struck with them. I will leave all of this to Tino, as I have no say in it. If anything, it will be a quite rare, quality exhaust.

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Thanks for the review!!! Have you ever heard the sound of the GruppeM? I heard it was the closest Ferrari sounding exhaust available. However it is quite a bit more, around $2,800 i think. That is more than the Tubi but it looks like it with the dual tips. Just wondering if the Tubi has as high pitched sound as GruppeM, then it would nice to jump in on the deal. I live Ohio, so I don't have the option of hearing these for myself, only from everyone's comments.
I have heard the GruppeM v2 and it sounds awesome. It's more high pitched than the Tubi. I can't shell out that kind of cash for an exhaust though. If it were less expensive, I may go with GruppeM. However, it's not enough of a difference to spend that much more.
Hey thanks for the write up and the time you've invested in looking at the Tubi. I look forward to hearing the sound files.
AKIRA3D is working on getting the sound and video posted soon. Since LUD is probably gone at NSXPO, we may have to wait for him to post it when he gets back. If Eric gets it done this quickly, I'll post again and ask anyone for server space to post it sooner.